Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Love Fall and Squash~And Pomegranates~

Everyone keeps saying how truly beautiful our summer was..To me..it was so different I don't even know how nice it really was..
But the vibrancy of Fall..Is a whole different story..and I like the earlier darkness..I know..Don't even wonder why..It's just something I like.BY February I may be reneging on these thoughts...

I made a squash and ricotta tart this week and had ricotta filling left.. so I made a butternut purée w/ sage..

Courtesy of my friend Nancy:)Her sage..

And decided to get inspired by the Pom Wonderful site..because I still had Pom Gelée made w/ Jain's Pomegranates..and Pom juice..

I love making pasta..you know that..

And filling it like little pillows..was so much quiet introspective fun for me today..

We found it quite delicious..♥

I added sherry to my gelée..good idea:)

Although I did not follow the recipe on the site..I was totally inspired by it~

You may notice the funghi..similar to Susan's:) I was so happy finding it on a walk~Too bad I didn't find Mack:)

Happy Fall♥


  1. What is the secret to your fabulous images? What kind of camera do you have and what setting do you use.
    I am mesmorized by the beauty of each image.
    And the food looks fabulous too!

  2. I'm with Yvonne. Your photographs are wonderful (so are hers). I've just purchased a new camera--an SLR--and am reading about it--so far it's on "auto"!

    I, too, love the earlier darkening days--just as I like rainy days. Of course, after a Chicago-style winter, I'm ready for longer days filled with sunshine.


  3. I truly think we all like each others photos.. I am always surprised at how varied the cameras are of the photos I love best on blogs..I think for this series..no I know..It is with my Canon XSI..

    But many are with an Oly E510...but often..you will see photos with a point and shoot Sony DSCH2..

    I know..way too much information..but I too love knowing what cameras people use..
    There ares some blogs that have such nice photo EFFECTS..like old fashioned..LolaB is one I can think of off hand and I often wonder what programs she uses..

    Camras.. programs..software..I will always be an open book..It's like my age:)
    I think the reason we are first attracted to certain blogs are the photos..and the content..then the feelings set in:)

    Thanks and have a great day..

  4. I turned my furnace on today for the first time so fall has officially arrived at my house. Your ravioli, and all your photos are perfectly beautiful, Monique. You have the magic touch with a camera.

  5. Such fall happiness M.
    I need to get out there and harvest my sage...
    Always wonderful viewing here ...I'm with everyone else.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  6. Sometimes fungi put on their own special effects, don't they? I love your happy scarecrow too. If only Mack and Poodle could have a play day ;)

    What beautiful ravioli with the crimson pomegranate gelee and sage green. I need to start researching some recipes see some Pom juice in my future as well.

  7. Fall is my very favorite time of year. Pumpkins, pomegranates, and pasta pockets! Great combination for fall. It cooled down here today. Fall weather makes me smile.

  8. Oh my, your ravioli looks to die for! Stunning photos. I enjoy early dark evenings, too. I think I appreciate the forced nesting. I'm so often like a fluttering bird, that sometimes I need nature to temporarily clip my wings! :)
    Have a wonderful week.

  9. I do love your photos and today the soft scarecrow is a delight. Pioneer Woman has a great set of effects on her site if you use photoshop. I always find I like my photos best when I take them in golden hour late in the day... sometimes I wait too long and they are dark but I just love the look. I also note that those of us with black blogs take different pictures... it's a different frame, isn't it!
    As for food, I am crazy about pomegranates and so glad Pom is sending me juice to play with, what a treat!!! The recipe is wonderful and I do love those closeups!

  10. so happy to see you enjoying the season, the alphas must love coming over :)

    your pasta and suace are fantastic, i can't beleive you still have some of my poms in you kitchen!

    little pillows of heaven, and where did you get s squash blossom, you would think you were in ca, not ca!

  11. Oh those raviolis look so delicious!
    I always love the dreamy effect you have in your pics Monique! They are so magical!
    I do not have photoshop , so I really do not manipulate my pics at all...I think I may need to think about getting that. Or some other software instead...a project for when life settles down a bit for me.
    Soon I hope...

  12. Wonderful autumn colours Monique!and the pasta is so pretty decorated with the zuchinni flowers.

  13. This is a wonderful fall post Monique...somehow, this year, I'm also very inspired by fall, compared to other years where I'm always so sad that autumn is here! I have still many sage in the garden...and I have butternut...and I would love to have some of the same quiet introspective fun, like you had. the images reflect it...beautiful and quiet and inspiring...always a delight to stop by here!
    Ronelle xx

  14. Your fall images are lovely! Love your scarecrow, he has personality. I miss fall so, living in Florida. Although it is supposed to go down to 69 tonight; that means fall is here. Everyone will have more energy tomorrow...always happens.
    The squash pocket are just right and how clever to use sherry with your Pom!

  15. Monique, as a lover of pomegranites, this is a Must-try. Being so restricted for so long will be difficult for me, but I'm saving so much
    And making pasta is my favorite "peaceful" activity
    xoxo Pattie

  16. Your creativity never fails to inspire me! The photos of course, but also the use of the Pom and the perfect ravioli. Superbe!

  17. Beautiful ravioli, Moniquex. I'm so in the mood for a squash pasta.

    Have I mentioned I love coming here?! :D

  18. Monique, I'm echoing the above comments. Your photos are always incredible. Each time I open your blog and see your header, I think those dragonflies are going to buzz right off the screen. ;-)

  19. What a wonderfully creative fall dish. Sometimes taking the time to make pasta by hand is so restorative and your combo of seasonal ingredients in the sauce is brilliant.

    Love your pics, as always.

  20. I love the colours of Autumn, the definite change of seasons is something I love about living in Toowoomba, we have very crisp winters, no snow and wonderful autumns and now we are having a very different Spring, rain for a change. Love your funghi shot and the pumpkins