Monday, October 25, 2010

Soul Food #60~

Starlight Starbright..First Star I see Tonight..

Wish I may, Wish I might..Have my Wish I wish tonight~

Look at these cute Christmas ornaments you can make..The paper is vintage..found by her husband:) the star created by Miette..I made one for our tree for this year..Her little doggie is not well these days and she could use some good healing pet thoughts~Things are looking UP though!!

Go have fun visit her blog..It took me a while to figure it out..I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer these days.. but I enjoyed the quiet pleasure of making it..

She's so generous in sharing ideas..I hope you will go see..

It's a simple.. very earthy,homespun ornament in my eyes..and very French~

I also made 2 more little necklaces.this one to go w/ different things..
I still prefer the champagne beige..but this has some pearls from a broken necklace of my mom's..So I'm in love w/ it..

The tutorial is at my beige post:)

Just things to do if you have time on your hands..or like to spend time with your hands and can~Or just love being with special hands..



  1. What a beautiful ornament, Monique! I think this year the expensive ornaments will have to go high on the tree and I will need to be creative with unbreakable ones that are within reach of wee hands ;)

    Lovely new necklace and how special to use pearls from your mother's necklace. When the yard and garden chores are done and the cold winds blow, I will have more time for creative endeavors like these.

    Jacques and Max ♥

  2. such a sweet post, busy hands= happy heart. sending happy tail thoughts~

  3. Oh thank you monique for these beautiful words, my husband and I are happy to read your lines.
    You did a great star, bravo.
    Sweet kisses from France, Miette

  4. A very beautiful ornament. I must pop over to her blog for the details. Love your necklace! I so enjoy playing Leggos with my son and daughter. It is a confidence booster to build anything with those pieces. ;)
    Have a wonderful day, Monique.

  5. I enjoy working with my hands too, Monique, and love the feeling of satisfaction when I figure out some difficult instructions. Your necklace is so pretty. What a talented lady you are!

  6. You made a lovely star, Monique. Miette has such a nice blog...going over there now to see if I can possibly make a star like this. I've absolutely no creative talent! But I'm willing to try!

  7. M..
    Love Miettes blog...
    Will make the necklace soon and your ornament is lovely, also on my list.
    Not enough hours in the day now.
    You asked about my camera...
    I answered on my blog in comments.
    Best day wishes to you,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    sweet Up-North Mornings...

  8. Ornament have a special place in our heats. Most of us know where they came from or who gave then to us. And homemade ornaments are the best.
    Beautiful little work of art.

  9. what a cute post, monique. you made me smile once again.

  10. Bonjour Monique:- What a very pretty tree ornament ~ I love working with my hands ~ My Mother always told us ~ busy hands make for a contented life~
    Thank you for the lovely photos-
    I'm clicking over to Miette's site for the instructions.

  11. Merci de partager avec nous Monique. J'aime bien.

  12. I did want to make those stars last year, they are so lovely.....maybe this year! Your blog is always so filled with great ideas, wonderful recipes and warm friendship....I love coming here!!!!
    Margaret B

  13. What a beautiful necklace you made with organza flowers! I have to try it myself.
    Love your blog! You are such a fabulous cook, and your pictures are great!

  14. gifted you are! Your crafts are as enchanting as your delicious recipes! I am off to visit Miette's blog for more information on this lovely star. As always, thank you for your ongoing generosity with ideas and sources!

  15. I'm just browsing again..wish you were closer this evening so we could just talk..