Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lavender Thyme Gelée~

I cannot remember where I found the recipe:( I apologize..

It was through Google..French..
It's a light jelly.. I reduced the recipe by a lotI cannot remember the exact quantities we used..

So here is the original..

3 liters of water
50 g of fresh lavender flowers
2.1 kg sugar(the recipe called for cristal sugar..I used our reg. white sugar)
12 g agar-agar

Plse note I added a small bit of Thyme..

Boil the water.Turn off the stove.Add the lavender flowers and the thyme..Let steep overnight.
Strain the mixture.. and mix the agar agar in the cool mixture until it is dissolved...Return to a boil 3 mins..Stop and pour in pots..Turn pots upside down until cool.. return right side up.

There's something about little homemade things in jars that I get a kick out of~
I like the light that shines through..and I like seeing them stacked on the counter.
I am afraid to say how many little jars also see the light of my fridge for a long time~

I decided to post this while you may still have lavender..I made it a number of weeks ago~
I hope you enjoy it..


  1. Oh Monique, this is spectacular. I will be saving this one for when I have lavender- just lovely!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. i love your jars too :) just sun light streaming thru fresh made food is like jewels to me, the simple pleaures mean the most to me~

    how do you eat it?

  3. Can't beat lavender AND thyme!

  4. NaNa Bravo, your jelly lavender is beautiful!
    I love the light, you can see through the pot.

    I'm too jelly jars, either based or flavored tea, tea
    Christmas is a treat, but also cider of Normandy, whom I serve with a good foie gras for the holidays. A plain or flavored beer, too, to eat with pancakes or scones.

    You can do the same thing with all sorts of teas, berries fit well in this recipe.

    Kisses from France, Miette

  5. How very delicate and pretty ! ideal for gifts to those special people.
    I hadn't heard of E Dehillerin in Paris before -but I googled it and it's an amazing shop~ I'd definitely go there to look for you.

  6. A truly beautiful jelly Monique! I love the way the light shines through it, like a wonderful jewel!! I can imagine the gorgeous flavours also . . . mmm . . . lavendar and thume. C'est trop magnifique!

  7. I am a big fan of all thing lavendar. And this is such a wonderful idea!!

  8. This is lovely! I shall tuck the recipe away until lavender returns in the spring; however, I'd love to have some on the "winter" shelf.


  9. Oh so lovely with the sweet flavor of lavendar and thyme. I'm saving this for next summer.

  10. I am sure I would enjoy this-I think I should plant more lavender next year!

    Your fall pics are lovely but also the beach ones.
    Thank you for your comment a couple of days ago-now, to answer your question-it is my patient husband who gets roped in to taking the photos if I am in it.
    I am sure I mentioned before how much I love your photos,recipes etc.
    Take care,

  11. Looks so beautifil and dreamy Monique...

    I pruned lavender already for winter...only had some leaves left to rub under my eyes for some sinus relief..
    But I do have thyme and I have some roses left..that could work...maybe add a little rosewater too? You see the inspiration I find here? I never leave emptyhanded or emptyminded

  12. I really need to become more adventurous with jellies. This sounds delightful. I love your photographs!

  13. Cela est superbe comme photos. J'aime bien. Bonne journée.

  14. This must smell heavenly! I just transplanted my lavender and hope it likes its new home better. I love how the light shines through the jars too :) I finally bought canning supplies! Now to do something with them.

  15. Beautiful lavender did not make it this summer...I do not know why but the plants I had all died. Next year!
    I would love to taste this is it so
    pretty sparkling in the jars.

  16. Linda..I cover mine now..When we went to Bleu Lavande..they said we must..It's the best way..I think Lavendula Angustifolia doesn't need it..but the varieties I had do..There is another and now the name escapes me..

    Carolyn your husband does a great job:) I can feel in the photos how sweet he is to do that.You get a feeling in photos..

    Miette..I love your blog..I just found you..I hope everyone visits,,I was going to link to you soon:)

    You are all sources of inspiration to me.

  17. Lavender is so versatile..
    tastes, smells and looks wonderful.
    Little too.
    So pretty M.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  18. Thanks a lot, that looks so easy and yet so pretty and I love those in my house.

    Gotta try it one of these days...

  19. It's funny, I was just reading that the original men's cologne (invented hundreds of years ago) was made with citrusy scents and lavender, rosemary and thyme. I thought it sounded so delicious I wanted to make some up for myself! Perhaps a little of this with a squeeze of lemon would do the least at the breakfast table!!

  20. Two of my favorites combined by one of my favorites!! This sweet and savory combination sounds wonderful. I love thyme in Jam, it goes so well with cheese. I just lamented last week that I enjoy making more jam than I can eat. Some do well in the freezer and of course, it is great to give away.

    Yours are all rays of delicious light!

  21. This looks wonderful! I appreciate your little tip on adding thyme...that would not have occurred to me. You always. :)

  22. Monique,
    This sounds delightful. Beautiful photos too.

  23. Oh ! Même ici, elle se termine, la lavande ... On attendra l'an prochain car ta recette est tentante ...

  24. Such a beautiful and interesting herbal dessert! Merci a lot, Nana - it's charming!