Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Un autre gâteau d'Hélène~

When I saw Hélène's posts about her trip to London.. the last item caught my eye for Jacques..simply because it was chocolate.. a cake.. and featured sweetened condensed milk..
He loves all that:)

He does everything in moderation..and exercises a lot..he's a golfer and a treadmiller..Plus everything around the yard..Here he is with Max..our little..3 year old..collecting treasures in a baggie on Friday..

So a little treat doesn't hurt him..

He had a couple of nice dark chocolate bars that figured in the recipe.. I had my mom's cast iron skillet for the fudge icing..and her 2 bakerite pans w/ the sliders:) to remove the cakes..

No Gold Dust..But Edible gold from Ronelle..I use it sparingly..like new pyjamas:)

So with everything ready and Hélène at the end of my internet connection..it turned out perfectly bon~♥

La Recette

For the cake

175 grams flour
1 heaping tablespoon of baking powder
175 grams of very soft butter
175 grams of brown sugar
3 large eggs
1 heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder

For the Fudge Icing

125 grams of brown sugar
125grams of good quality dark chocolate
1 can 170 grams of sweetend condensed milk
25 grams softened butter
2 drops of real vanilla extract
150 grams of Walnuts


In a food processor combine flour baking powder and cocoa that you have sifted together..(I just whirled it all unsifted)..Add everything else and blend until airy:)

Put the dough divided in 2 sep. baking pans of 18 cm..Mine were 3 cm larger.
Bake in a pre-heated 180 C oven for ap 35 mins until the cakes spring back when pressed..Let rest on a rack for a bit.
Let cool while you prep the icing.

Dissolve the sugar in the condensed milk stirring..bring to a bubble..not enough to burn:) Keep an eye on it..add the chocolate ..the butter and the vanilla..

Mix..until it's beautiful and creamy..Put in fridge to cool a bit w/ a saran on top//when cake is cooled and icing a bit cooled..remix the icing.. sandwich the icing between both layers..add some walnuts.. and then spread everywhere on your beautiful cake...When you are done you can lick the spoon and bowl.Decorate with Walnuts and Gold..~♥


  1. I think I might just try this one, if not just for the fudge icing - that just sounds (and looks) delish!

    Great pictures.


  2. This almost looks too beautiful to eat. Well, I did say "almost". Have a happy day! ~ sarah

  3. m is so big, i thought it as l... they have that same gait :-) what a wonderful shot...

    and the cake...

    well its chocolate, need i say more?

  4. What a sweet photo! And that cake! It's so pretty with your chocolate rose on top.

  5. Max and his papa...
    Love that even more then chocolate.
    xoxo~kathy @
    sweet Up-North Mornings...

  6. There is something very comforting about the photo of Jacque and Max... a picture of bliss and content... The chocolate cake is gorgeous but looks potent... one slice ration, max.

  7. You had me at chocolate! This cake does sound decadent and oh, so delicious. Plus, gorgeous to look at. Well, they say dark chocolate is good for you and so are walnuts so I think the cake is healthy too ;)

    Adorable photo of M and J ♥

  8. Wow, this cake reminds me of the ones in our local bakery, when I was a child. I always pointed to them, when choosing a birtday cake...minus the gold, of course! ;)
    Beautiful cake!

  9. Such elegance..the cake..and the beautiful photograph of your family!
    Monique, you are such an inspiration.
    Blessings from South Africa
    Shel x

  10. Oh you are so mean....! Here I am perusing the blogs on my lunch hour eating my bland bland bland salad and you smack me in the middle of the face with chocolate cake! Eee gads woman, what are you doing to me!!!!

  11. What a gorgeous cake. You could spoil me anytime with this. Jacques is a very lucky man.

  12. delicious!!! And so sweet...

  13. So sweet! J and the cake! :)
    It looks delicious!

  14. How utterly decadent Monique!! chocolate & condensed milk has got to be a winner. Lovely photos~ you do them so well.

  15. Décadent ;.. c'est le terme ! ;o) Ton post est superbe ... Bravo pour la merveilleuse photo de tes hommes ... ENfin, de deux d'entre eux ... ;o)
    Bisous et bonne journée

  16. That fudge icing sounds delicious enough to eat on its own! What a divine cake :)

  17. Chocolate heaven *sigh*...What an adorable photo with Max :-)

  18. How is it you manage to outdo yourself every time? Each post has something even more delicious and beautiful than the last. You are a wonder!

  19. What a lucky man to get such a lovely cake. He deserves more than a slice!! The pic of J and Max walking hand in hand is a heart breaker...Max will always remember those special times. I bet he likes chocolate, too!

  20. Oh, for a chocolate cake...lucky man! this cake looks so develishly decadent...with Lindt 85perc....how can it not be!
    Beuaitful photography..always inspiring. Can you hear me sigh?
    ronelle x

  21. I like Helene's blog too, and you tempt me to make this cake! Beautiful!!

  22. I have never made frosting with condensed milk before. This looks amazing!