Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Provençal Honey Lavender Chicken recipe for Fifi's magazine~

My favorite roasted chicken dish~

Another  J'aime~
Some of you will recognize Henriette..my clay chicken roaster..

When I was graciously asked to submit a lavender or 2 recipes for Fifi's   magazine Romantic Prairie Style this past winter..I put my thinking cap on to better the one I already made..So I tried a few changes and they worked out well~
Now that the magazine has been out a while I can  share it ~
Instead of writing it out..I will just share a quick photo  of the recipe from the magazine..

While in Provence..And we do hope to return ..fingers crossed..in Gordes..where we stayed..we ate twice at Le Provençal..Good food....  humble place..nothing fancy..but honestly it was pouring rain that first night out of our amazing accommodations ...we ran it....ate outside under a chapiteau..this dish stayed with me..

Never got the recipe..so I have juxtaposed several..with my own twists..

This is what I created for Fifi's magazine..Jacques was the taste tester..et..oui..he loved it..

I am reading ..As Always,Julia..loved a part between Avis and Julia where Avis says.. proof reading..always errs..

The words are not verbatum..but I read my recipe..sent it to Fifi..she sent it back to me..I never ever caught it..Pour the olive in the saucepan..:)  It's OLIVE OIL:)

I know Avis would get this..and Julia would laugh out loud.
There are many other passages in this book I am quite loving..will share more I guess when opportune.
These are not the photos for the magazine..I used a white Chicken Roaster my friend Jain gave me many many moons ago..Revol~That's the one that appears in the magazine~White did the trick:) w/ photos..and with fond fond memories..My friend found one in France..jaune!!  Beautiful too!
Instead of rubbing the chicken with olive oil..when it is for us..I dress my poule in bacon:)  It just makes everything taste so much..more..Some of this ..jus...gets added to our sauce~
Gordes is an idyllic place to stay..

At the time we stayed at La Ferme De La Huppe..it has changed hands.But back then..I loved the place..don't know anymore..will just have to go back!
Dreaming Of Provence ~


  1. Delicious !!!!...so yammie !!!...seize the day darling....love Ria...xxx...

  2. Love the addition of honey to the chicken.
    Looks really lovely x

  3. I too like good humble French food and your spot in Gordes sounds wonderful. I can just see you dashing across in the rain. Gordes is one of the prettiest perched villages in Provence.

    Congratulations on your recipe being featured in Fifi's magazine. With the bacon and lavender honey it must taste divine.

  4. Sam..I hope to see myself doing that again..of course..
    You ahve done it so much:)
    Fifi and I have met..I am sure there was a lot of kindness tucked into my having my recipe there:)

    It was in Dec..now that I recall..and Jacques was the taste tester..I don't normally develop recipes,I just enjoy using other people's:)

    I think your Limoncello tart will be on the menu soon:)

    Thank you Shel and Ria....it's not a dish I make in summertime..especially this hot dry one..

    Bon Matin.. :)

  5. Chicken, Honey and Lavendar, what a beautiful combination. I love it. Love your photos as well and that chicken roaster is just gorgeous. I would love one of those. I must save my pennies. I have always loved going to France. One of my favourite places to visit. Next time we want to go to Provence. We have done the Dordogne and fancy a chance. We have heard that Provence is beautiful . . . I expect that it is. Love you! xxoo

  6. Merci de ta visite ,je découvre ainsi ton blog.



  7. Gorgeous post as ever Monique.
    You make Provence look very enticing.
    I'm wondering if the chicken browns in that clay pot?
    Looks scrumptious indeed

  8. What a delicious meal. Thanks for sharing Monique.

  9. Carol great question~The recipe's baking temps and times were in the white Revol..:) In my clay baker which is ancient and well seasoned..I bake it at 400 covered..time depending on size..and remove the cover at end of baking for browning and crisping..until it looks like we like it..

    Our favorite taste wise baker is another old oven we have ..convection..tabletop clear lidded..not ancient but 20 yrs old..better than our wall convection..

    It really is Provence to me..

    Maybe when I am there next time a few of you will be also:)

  10. Beautiful my friend! I keep looking for the magazine...no luck yet! I will keep trying!
    L xo

  11. Beautiful my friend! I keep looking for the magazine...no luck yet! I will keep trying!
    L xo

  12. How beautiful, and congratulations for being selected by Fifi once again! What an honor, though I am not surprised one bit. You are magnifique Mme. Magical!
    Lovely, lovely post.

    I do hope you get back to France again, too (selfish reasons... I love your photos!!) :) Pure Bliss.


    P.S. Oy, proof-reading... I've done my share of goofs! You are not alone. ((hugs))

  13. I'm not crazy about the taste of lavender but this recipe is irresistible, Monique. And it is so pretty in your lovely chicken dish. I hope you return to Provence some day soon.

  14. Your chicken dish looks wonderful. What a surprise to have both the bacon and the lavendar -- the flavors all sound wonderful together. Joni

  15. This is all just beautiful. Will bookmark and enjoy more of your postings. Your photos are works of art.

  16. This looks gorgeous - longing to travel to Provence now! Love the idea of using the lavender honey.