Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rose Petal Scones~

A friend sent me  a name of a lovely cookbook that had me Googling it..I found that the author had made Rose Petal Salt:)  So I made some..I then found recipes for Rose Petal Sugar..and Rose Petal Scones..
My last hurrah roses needed to be picked..and so I did..
Instead of using a new recipe for scones..I have 5 or maybe more  that I love..I decided to use Linda's..as I had some heavy cream that needed to be used:)

I used many The Fairy Roses..One Red Parkland Rose..Winnipeg Parks or Cuthbert Grant..

Iceberg Rose.. and  a coral Carpet Rose~her pretty name escapes me at the moment~
  I walked around yesterday seeing what needed to be done..and all I could see until today..was picking the roses to preserve in different ways~I think I was just lazy yesterday:)

And so I did..

Today..one whole bed was cut down to rest ..to be able to plant some tulips soon.A little mix of pinks and yellows for our  yellow house.

Did you see the movie..One True Thing? How touching at the end when Renée plants the bulbs for her mom ♥?
Cried my eyes out~

And   so...this morning I used some of the rose petals for the scones..
This was yesterday:)

The salt..I will use later to put on fish I think..some petals were used today..I iced a few scones w/ a mix of Icing sugar and rose water..topped with a dried rosebud..but they were eaten this morning~

You can find Linda's original recipe here..all I did was add petals:)
And on some the rose water glaze..
Miss you Linda..hope you post new recipes soon:)And thank you for all the ones I have gleaned so far~


  1. Nana...your photos took my breath away...so pink,...so beautiful!
    I am glad you were able to make the scones your own...what is more you than pink rose petals?
    I miss you too...be back soon I hope!

  2. Oh wow!!
    I do have fairy roses...how beautiful your photos are!

  3. As always such lovely photos. Never heard of fairy roses ! Would it be a rambling rose? the tiny ones shown in the mosaic?

  4. Monique, your photos are indeed breathtaking! I need to bookmark this so that I can do the same with our many roses next year. We have had a terribly wet year this summer and autumn and I don't think the petals would be much good for this. Yours look so beautiful. And my tastebuds are tingling at the thought of rose salt, fresh rosewater and rose petal scones . . . you do feed my inner soul with yearning for these things. That is the magic of your page . . . and of you of course! xxoo

  5. As always so lovely Monique. You are so clever with your flowers. I can barely keep my alive.

  6. What a treat for the eyes, all that lovely pink in the morning. I bet the scones were delicious. Joni

  7. This sounds like one of those cookbooks we would love to experiment with.

  8. I just love rose petal jelly. It is so sweet and old fashioned. Now I can't wait to try the scones... need to snag some rose petals!! Lovely pictures, Monique.

  9. You have given me some lovely ideas for holiday gifts, Monique. Rose petal salt sounds wonderful and my flowers will be gone soon. Guess I better get busy.

  10. Such lovely photos...they almost make me wish for spring!

    The rose petal sugar sounds deliciously intriguing!

  11. Monique, this post is sheer bliss! Your garden must be heavenly with the roses in bloom. Cut my roses back this weekend. They will flush back out for another show soon. Knockouts ~ not a good cutting rose, but beautiful bushes covered in red petals. Will try the scones with your added rose petals. ;-)
    I adore your heart shaped basket. Love the mix of wire and woven rope. ~ Sarah

  12. What a lovely post....what a lovely idea..you should open a tearoom!

  13. Fairy roses, how unique...Love this! It brightens my day.

  14. I have seen knockouts:-)
    Google all the recipes. There are so many..Sam--you cracked me up..I just love all your comments.They humble me they are so sweet.

  15. There's something romantic about the idea that my food is laced with roses whether it is savory of=r sweet, I think I will make these salts and sugars just so I can infuse romance into them.

  16. To begin with, your montage of pinks is exquisite, Monique. It's such a soft feminine color. And such a lovely color for a rose, too.
    I love the idea of these scones. What fun to make the rose petal salt. I must say, you have the most adorable plates and containers to present your dishes! Your artistic talent shines through all your recipes and presentations.

  17. My roses are still enjoying their last hurrah also. I would have never thought to make them into scones or sugar! How lovely and delicious they sound. Sad to see things in the garden come to an end, isn't it? What a beautiful end you made of your roses, though :)

  18. Breathtaking photos...
    those rosepetals are exquisite

  19. My roses are loving this cool weather and just going crazy. What a fun idea. I am definitely going to have to try this and how pretty too. You always make everything so very elegant. I love your pinks.

  20. Delicious sounding scones placed oh so neatly into your lovely heart shaped basket. Scones and the fall seem to go perfect together. I would have a hard time deciding what spread to lather them with...jam, butter, or maybe eat them just the way they are. Hmmmm...

  21. Magazine & Coffee Table Book worthy photos Monique!! Superb!! xoxo Thank you for sharing the eye candy.