Monday, December 14, 2009

Fairytales Do Come True..It Can Happen To You~

When You're Young At Heart~
It helps if you believe in fairies of course~
Or..Soul Food #33~

I made gingerbread cookies this week..Martha's..w/ Royal Icing~

I had some dough left over and it is no surprise that I have been admiring the cover of my La Cuisine Des Fées..since I got it~

I decided to make a small pattern w/ paper.. and use the leftover gingerbread to play~

It's on the kitchen counter.. I listened to Peau D'âne while finishing it.. and loved every minute~It's my favorite CD this year:)

The Book is a treasure~

I used little cookies my daughter brought me back from Paris.. they were past date:( Edible Rose Buds..Silver Dragées..Chocolate Rocks.. and made 6 little gingerbread people for the 6 Little People in our lives..

I used rolled fondant to cover the roof.. rolled w/ an embossed fondant rolling pin.. and some picket fencing I had left from the outdoor Fairy Garden.

My friend Jojo gave me the sparkly tree last year as a hostess gift for Christmas..

And 2 little gingerbread trees were added..
The shooting star is made from one of the cookie cutters that came w/ my book.

It's far from perfect..But I had fun..and I have to thank the little book for that..

There's a little bottle of wine at the door and a wreath to welcome guests~
Snow everywhere.. and even glue I am ashamed to say.. So it's become a keepsake instead of a treat..

C'est La Vie!


  1. Very sweet! I love the little rocks.
    I make houses each year, once I made over fifty for all our friends, that of course I only did once, ha ha.....
    I must have been crazy or to young to know better!!!
    I like the sparkly tree, they are so cute and pair so ell with the house.
    I tried the doves again, this time they worked out!!!
    Margaret B

  2. It couldn't be more perfect! It's splendid and just magical! :) Nana, you're the greatest! The 6 lil people in your lives are really lucky! And thank you, tonight, my fairytale came true because of you :) I was just telling my daughter how I wished I could do a gingerbread house - a la Hansel and Gretel. But after chatting, we decided we should start on something less ambitious ;) And then I read your post! :) Have a magical day.

  3. What a beautiful keepsake for little eyes and big eyes alike :) I love the shooting star and tiny wreath!

  4. You amaze me with your talent Nana...
    your little people are the luckiest in the world...
    Are you sure YOU are not really a fairy? I think you really may be!

  5. Une vrai maison de fées !
    On s'attend à voir des petits lutins sortir, c'est magique !
    Je compends que tu te sois "amusée" dans ta cuisine, il n'y a que toi pour créer une telle magie

  6. I have to say that I think it's very close to being parfait!!! It's so beautiful, Monique. You have such a magical eye for beautiful things. Oh to have the talent you possess! *sigh*

  7. Is any home perfect? Only ones made from gingerbread!
    Yours is magical - love it!

  8. that is adorable, i LOVE the rocks, makes it a real solid house in my eyes! just adorable, the boys must love it~

  9. Moi, je me sens très fière de t'avoir fait découvrir ce livre ! J'étais sûre que tu adorerais et que tu en ferais bon usage. Je ne me suis pas tropmée ! Et je trouve ta maison superbe ! Bonne idée, le fondant en rouleau pour recouvrir le toit. J'en ai vu à l'épicerie anglaise d'Antibes. j'irai en acheter samedi prochain pour essayer ... enfin, si le courage ne me fait pas défaut !
    Grosses bises à toi et à JAcques. Pas de raison qu'on ne le salue pas un peu lui aussi de temps en temps ... ;o)
    A bientôt

  10. de très belles photos une maison de fée bravo

  11. Beautiful gingerbread house. I love the snow on your blog. So cool.

  12. Bonsoir Monique, c'est magnifique et magique, les enfants vont être enchantés.

    Passe une belle soirée.
    Josée xx

  13. What a cute house!
    Too funny that you had to use glue :)
    I have plans to make an obnoxiously colourful one with the kiddos to bring over to your house for Christmas. It will surely look like a clown house compared to your lovely little fairy house ;)

  14. Margaret..I am glad they turned out:)

    Ju I hope you make a house w/ your daughter..I would love to see it:)

    It will be magical!

    It was fun..

    Hélène..du fond de mon coeur merçi pour tout:)

    Josée..j'apprends tellement de toi aussi..j'ai encore de piments dans mon frigo..j'ouvre la porte et ..voilà! Josée~:)

    Have a nice night!

    Je vais voir Aux Délices:)

  15. Oh Noah's Mommy..I am laughing out loud! You are great at those!! I remember the last one you made at home!!!

  16. Monique Christmas at your house must be wonderful. Wow.


  17. C'est vraiment magnifique. Que de talent Monique.

  18. I can only dream of being that creative! I have never made a gingerbread house but I have always wanted to make one. Yours is delightful, inspirational, and so very creative!

  19. It's just beautiful nana! I am in awe of your talents!

  20. What a beautiful tree! Isn't it fun to use things you already have on hand? I made my first gingerbread house this year and used only what was in my kitchen. I didn't have nearly the array that you have though!

  21. I"ve never made a gingerbread house either, so this one will be my inspiration. Thank you!

  22. That is truly enchanting...Monique. I can see that you enjoyed making it because its simply beautiful and made with such care. :)

  23. What a beautiful house. The snow falling down makes it look even better.