Saturday, February 20, 2010


And anticipation~

I am anxiously awaiting Spring ...and my herbs and flowers~(Anticipation)

The grocery store helps with both in February~

Basil is my favorite..I 'm sorry Rosemary you're almost it..and're close..and Thyme too~ But Basil the best~

I have had this recipe forever..have you ever made Boursin Chicken?

You can make your own Boursin or have it on hand like I did the day of the basil..

Through a delightful correspondence of the most friendly kind..I had in my posession..this spice I wanted to try with the chicken..

It's from France~ Ronelle~ My French Kitchen~♥

So..Don a pretty apron..

And try it out of you haven't's one of those keeper recipes..I wish I had had it as a new bride~

La Recette~

Chicken breasts..I used 2..flattened..

Season each side w/ salt and pepper..and if you can find this delicious it:)~

Make a mixture of crushed toasted pecans and Boursin cheese.

Lay flat leaves of basil on your chicken and top w/ boursin mixture..I used about 2 tbsps on each..the breasts were large..
You can do it the other way around also I suppose~

Roll up and coat in home made breadcrumbs.

Bake at 350 degrees for ap 40 mins..until juices run clear.

Slice in rondelles..they are pretty and serve over pasta.. or rice..
I had made a mushroom sauce w/ dried and fresh mushrooms to go over it~
It was really good:)

Easy for entertaining also~
Correspondence is becoming a lost art..I am still so partial to it~
Seeing someone's handwriting.. feeling the paper.. just the whole moment of it all brings you closer~


  1. i love all your pretty things, it makes life all the more sweet~ that recipe looks divine, i want to try to soon! gorgoeus pics, i love starting my day pretty!

  2. Yes, I like basil..but not so much the rosemary and the aroma, not the taste..thyme in stuffing..
    Look at that apron..oh la la! :)

  3. The apron is so cute:) One of my daughters gave it to me for my birthday..Etsy:)Oh lala:)
    Have a great day~

  4. an adorable apron that you have there Monique! oh yes basil is lovely and pretty too. it looks magical against the light. probably like you!^^

  5. That great shot of basil makes me long for a caprese salad! Perhaps next to your chicken dish? Lovely post this morning.

    ~Really Rainey

  6. Being Italian, of course basil is number one- but I could never do wthout sage and thyme and rosemary either. I will definitely make that recipe. I can taste it already!
    xoxo Pattie

  7. Love the apron and all the pics...
    I have not made this is a very long time...I will try your way very soon.
    I used to make it with boneless breasts with the skin still on and baked in the oven. I think the crunch of yours will be lovely!

  8. I always forget about Boursin... so lovely in a dish... I have chicken just waiting for this in the fridge... time to get the boursin!

  9. MOnique that looks soooo tasty and delicious. I need to make some of this soon. OH, and I LOVE the apron! How very pretty!! xxoo

  10. I saw some basil at the grocery store today too. I almost got it, but then I thought, no I'll wait. And now, I want to run back to the store and grab it!

  11. Monique, thank you so much for the good wishes- that was very sweet of you. I just put up an anniversary post and saw your message-thank you :)
    xoxo Pattie

  12. What a beautiful apron - it is so pretty I would be too nervous to take it into the kitchen in case it got messy! I haven't made Boursin chicken, but it looks delicious - of course :)

  13. yum yum again, and yes snail mail as they say these days I love it. Parcels too I order my books and scrapping supplies online just to get mail its wonderful.

  14. What a delightful post, Monique. I think basil is my favorite too. In addition to using it in the kitchen, I like to mix it in with bunches of flowers. It offers such a nice fresh fragrance. The chicken dish looks fabulous. Thank you for the recipe. And, finally, I'm with you on correspondence. It's a shame that too many have given it up for faster communication. I save many hand written notes. They are little treasures to be revisited over time.
    Thank you for sharing this beauty. ~ Sarah
    What area of France are you in?

  15. Your winter Basil is pretty...wonderful to have fresh in the cold weather.
    My current passion is almost everything.
    Always happy for a new way to alter chicken...Thanks M.
    Must go to bed..big day tomorrow.
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  16. Ooh, I love basil too - and this recipe definitely sounds and looks like a keeper. And if you love basil, you will have to cook Thai dishes sometimes - they use loads of basil! Maybe next time, I will post something on basil :)

  17. Oh, Monique, I love this post. So many things:

    Basil, YES! We keep it on the windowsill all year long. It's not at its best in winter, but I think we love it best then.

    Boursin, another wonderful tool in the kitchen. How did we get along without it?

    Flowers, I can't get along without them. These are gorgeous!

    Letters. When we were engaged, Dan and I lived half a continent apart. I got something in the mail from him every single day--a letter, a note, a card, a clipping. It was so wonderful to know that he was thinking of me every day. He still does this.

    This recipe! It looks delicious. Basil and boursin, oh, my!

    Thank you for this!

  18. This is so delicious looking. Yes, noodles with it must be devine, just like your photo!

  19. I keep basil in the kitchen window year round. So easy to snip some off and add delicious aroma and flavor to a dish. I haven't made boursin chicken in years, thank you for the reminder of what a delicious meal it is.

  20. Hello ~I wanted to stop by to reconnect. I've had a few absences from blogging and have lost touch with some of my friends.
    Since winter landed on our provided us the motivation for a few indoor remodeling two homes! Which can be a bit daunting. I appreciate the breaks I can get for blog visits.
    I wished I could sew, so I could fill my kitchen with aprons. I know my hubby appreciates my sewing handicap,lol.
    I have managed to purchase an abundance of florals compliments of Waverly.

    I hope you can stop by so we can reacquaint ourselves.

    Sweet wishes,

  21. I have never cooked with boursin...imagine! and this chicken looks SO delcious with it. Glad you liked the flavouring...and thanks for the nod.
    He he...I love this cute apron, it says: "I have fun in my kitchen"! do you think we will get the chance to have some fun together in your/my/a koitchen? I hope so!

  22. I love, love basil too and can't wait to have some growing in my garden again! I have made Boursin chicken before but not this exact recipe. Remember our fun Revol chicken recipe and photo exchange a couple of years ago? Mine was called Chicken Gigi. It did not have pecans and used tarragon rather than basil. I like the sound of your recipe very much!

  23. I REALLY like the flavoring Ronelle..:)

    Susan I do remember our Revolette party:) I was happy to be able to participate..I still remember her in Jain's shopping cart in Florida for me.♥

  24. I bought a basil plant recently and it gives me hope of spring! It's so nice to take a pinch here and there just as we would in the garden.

    Wonderful to receive the lovely note and gift. So special.

    Thanks for the chicken recipe, it does look like a keeper.


  25. I have so enjoyed spending some time is truly a feast for the eyes.
    I have a basil plant on my window sill too as you know.