Thursday, February 18, 2010


I brought her home many many months ago from a tag/ library sale to bake bread in~

But she is useful for other things..
apart from her charm.. and positively adorable face..
I have found that un bon "bouilli"`stew... is delicious in it~
In French we call it.. "boeuf à bouillir" and it's a meat that you first cubes and then simmer with herbs and onions and beer or wine.. and vegetables..

We really enjoy this meal~
I had wanted to try and finish the complete cooking of it w/ a Pâte à Luter~~

This meant she had to be kept quiet~

She looked funny at first to me..

But I had wanted to try this method ever since Hélène showed us:)~

It was a success~(Beware..night shot!)

Next time I will Pam my edges though..:)
The meat had a tenderness and deeper flavor than usually~

We enjoyed every morsel~ Both he and I~

Not to mention what a pretty presentation the dough seal makes~
La Recette that I used

300 gr flour
1 egg white
water to make the dough workable..
1 egg yolk
Make a well in centre of flour and work in the egg white with some water.. and salt..
Let rest..I rolled mine out in 2 long strands to fit the circumference of Henriette..and brushed w/ egg yolk wash~
Thank you Hélène~


  1. Monique!...
    Girlfriend...Your crazy AMAZING...
    That crust presentation is wonderful.
    She was just sitting there crossing her fingers ...Hoping you would take her home and use her for marvelous things other then bread!
    Now she knows how lucky she have fallen into your hands!
    I'm sure she'll perform favorable for you in the years to come!
    Nice to find a new friend!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. GORGEOUS!! Monique, you've outdone yourself!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. who knew keeping her mum could be so cute! you are always keeping me on my toes peering in at all your cleverness... and beauty, of course! i remember when you bot her, cute cute cute~

  4. Henrietta is a beauty, a charmer! she doesn't have children looking for a home?
    This stew of yours has me now wishing we had a Henritta tonight instead of saumon! It looks SO appetizing and always have sucvh great little surprises for us!

  5. You are magic! Sometimes I think you belong to a fairytale book :) I love how you compose your shots. Kathy's right - the crust is just gorgeous. I remember seeing this at Helene's! :)

  6. Exquisite Monique ~ it's quite a trick to make stewed anything look exquisite ~ but you did it!

    I'm sure it was as delicious as your images are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. xo

  7. Je me suis fait la même remarque pour le graissage des bords ! ;o))) Mais enfin, elle avait belle allure, ainsi lutée, Henriette ! ;o))
    Ravie d'avoir pu t'être utile ! ;o)
    Grosses bises

  8. Such a unique & personable pot to cook with! You decorated Henriette beautifully & your stew looks scrumptious. I like how you left the veggies in big chunks. :D

    A belated but still very sincere "Happy Birthday" to you, Monique! May you have many, many more years to celebrate & share those occasions with us through your beautiful blog.


  9. How wonderful to have a pot with a name... at best my dutch oven is called old reliable... yours has your own special je ne sais quoi and Gallic charm!

  10. That is a beautiful pot! The food looks good,!

  11. I remember your cute..and such a good chef!
    Looks delicious!

  12. A lovely stew made even better by having a Henriette to hold it. What a delight to have found this gem! I'm so glad she has a lovely home (with a talented chef) to reside in.

  13. Monique, I learn something new from you again today. This is like some sort clay pot and a very beautiful one. The braided crust peeping out of the pot teases...hmm I wonder if the bread would work with the chinese claypot...

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  15. Henrietta - beautiful! Wonderful idea to make that crust. It's just genius.

  16. Gorgeous, amazing, wonderful. Same thing I always say :)

  17. The photos are so beautiful! I love the glow!

  18. I knew from the title, we'd be seeing your ol' friend again! The bread seal makes her look like she is being readied for a surprise...and a surprise she got. The stew is her, and our reward.

    Thanks, Monique...your story and pics are a magical tale.


  19. Shirley your claypot would work:) I am almost certain..just make sure you coat the rim or the cleaning is more difficult..

    It's like a ribbon on a gift this idea of Hélènes:)
    Have a great weekend~

  20. you are so funny Monique!!! and charming...that is an adorable crust with Henriette!!! I ve never thought of naming inanimate objects but perhaps its time I started (^_^) I think it s wonderful idea ~

    your photography always makes me take a deep breath!! nite time, day time always wonderful ..

  21. Monique, this is adorable. I want to see more of Henriette! Love that name! The stew looks yummy with all those big chunks of vegetables.
    I always enjoy a visit to La Table de Nana!

  22. You made her into a tagine! I love this idea. She's gorgeous, too. Monique, you're full of the most wonderful ideas.

    Thanks for this one.

  23. Henriette is as useful, as she is beautiful. Lovely recipe.

  24. Henriette looks like she doesn't like being kept quiet - LOL! What a treasure she is :) and you!