Monday, February 22, 2010

Vraiment..vraiment bonne~

I made this for a dinner this past weekend and it is on my favorites list now~Forever.
"Une Compote..vraiment ,vraiment bonne!"
It makes a good quantity.. and is as good the next day~

Many of you know..I am so fond of Josée DiStasio..her recipes..her style.. her personality..she is so charming..I have never met her of course.but I do think she would be exactly the same in person.

I wish I had seen all her shows..we never had that opportunity..but I do have a couple of her books..and newspaper recipe clippings..and I saw her Italy CD..
This recipe is called Sweet Pepper Compote..

And is served on crostinis that have been spread with goat cheese..It was a serving suggestion of hers..

I know some of you don't like goat cheese..another soft spreadable mild cheese would be perfect.

My whole family loved it~

La Recette~ From Pasta Et Cetera~

Makes 3 cups~
1/4 cup EVOO
5 sweet red orange and yellow peppers,peel optional,diced..

Hot pepper(finely chopped)or hot pepper flakes or paste
1 onion chopped
salt and freshly ground pepper
1 or 2 garlic cloves(optional)
1/2 cup mixed pitted black and green olives,chopped(optional)
1/4 cup snipped fresh mint or other herb of your choice
2-3 tbsps capers

In a large skillet heat oil and cook sweet peppers,onion and hot pepper for ap 20 mins stirring often.
Season with s and p
Add garlic and onion and cook one minute more
Remove from heat and add olives capers and herbs.
Season to taste.
Serve compote on bruschetta or chunks of baked pizza dough..
You can serve w/ soft goat cheese .
It's great as a topping for burgers and paninis also..

***My notes..I peeled some of the peppers.. some peel stayed on..I left some peppers in strips..I love the look..I cooked mine a bit longer than 20 mins..I used fresh it was sitting on my windowsill:)I used 1/4 of the fresh hot was plenty~
I love this! I love it like I loved Ina's bruchetta..this is nice because people serve themselves~My whole family enjoyed it~



  1. This looks very doable and delicious too... I think it will feature nicely as a finger food served on blinis or small slices of crostinis...:) Maybe even fried Tortilla chips...

  2. Monique that looks delicious and healthy! I bet it tastes gorgeous at room temperature. I can picture it with oodles of crusty bread to sop up all the juices! mmm . . .

  3. Yes..Room temp!! Absolutely..I let it sit in the kitchen until we left for the party..Hope you like it~
    Tortilla chips..yes..good idea~

  4. beautiful and colourful dish. you make it look so special Monique which it is of course..but xtra special!

  5. I love Josee's cooking style and how she makes the simplest dishes sing.

  6. Monique, it is a party in a bowl! And it must taste delightful. Thanks to you, I have another resource to fall back on. Josée DiStasio? I just checked her website. Such a chic lady. :) Like you. :)

  7. Ah, Monique, this was frequently on my Nonna's table. She even threw it on pasta with a bit more olive oil when a quick meal was in order. Lovely!
    xoxo Pattie

  8. Ooh la la! Wish we could get together and have crostini and a glass of wine.
    Yours looks/sounds delicious!

  9. What a beautiful dish! Sure looks tasty!

  10. Definitely this is a recipe for me! Beautiful colours and flavours...and let it be said for the record....there is NO other cheese like goat cheese..Amen! Grin!

  11. Oh, Monique, this looks wonderful. With goat cheese please! I'm bookmarking this for our next dinner party. Thanks!

  12. Extraordinaire petite salade de poivrons, mon légume favori! J'apprécie Josée Di Stasio dont je vois quelquefois les émissions sur "Cuisine TV". Merci pour cette délicieuse préparation qui sera bientôt sur ma table.

  13. Oy this looks fabulous....and I adore goat cheese...
    I will be making this soon!

  14. This is such a beautiful dish with such vibrant and stunning colors!

  15. yum! Thanks for posting this :)

  16. Monique, It sounds and looks delicious! I will certainly have it with goat cheese, fresh mozzarella also!

  17. this looks so lovely and sounds so easy to make I must do this on sunday afternoon. Thanks Monique

  18. Simple and delicious. I'm not familiar with Josée DiStasio, but obviously I need to be.

  19. Toutes ces couleurs nous mettes en appétit, j'aurais bien aimer y goûter moi aussi. Moi aussi j'aime Josée di Stasio, j'ai fait quelques recettes et jamais je n'ai été déçu.

    Passe une belle journée.

  20. Very festive looking...I wondered if you peeled your peppers and then you said Half...
    Good olives I love.
    Having it store well is a plus...just as good the next day, great...can make it ahead of time then.
    Love capers too..Just like salt I guess.
    I have the peppers M. I think I'll try this for this weekend...
    inspired again!!!...Merci!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  21. Looks so delicious! You have the most amazing collection of recipe books. I love the bags you have been making, they look great. The label that you used is so pretty!
    Margaret B

  22. Wow, just came across your blog and I love it! You have amazing photographs (and recipes)!

  23. C'est une superbe recette. Elle me fait un peu penser à la caponata sicilienne, aubergines et céleri en moins, cela dit ... On s'en gave tous les étés, avec les grillades ... ;o)
    POur le bacon, ça doit aller si tu peux l'avoir en tranche un peu épaisse ( 1/2 cm d'épaisseur environ) et assez gras. SInon, eh bien tu adaptes avec les produits du coin. Le résultat ne pourra pas être mauvais, de toute façon ... Et puis concernant toujours la tarte au chèvre, en été, j'en sers une version, froide, dans laquelle j'enlève le lard et je le remplace par plein de menthe fraîche et une tasse de poudre d'amandes ... Un régal !

  24. Oh la la...une compote de poivrons; j'a dore les poivrons(meme en hiver!). Cette recette...superbe...aussi aves les poissons...sur une soupe...du boeuf...Et le chevre? Parfait. On adore aussi.
    Merci, merci!

  25. Merçi Hélène~:)Je crois qu'elle aura une place sur la table de Pâques♥Sais-tu avec un peu de compote..:)?S'ils désirent~

    Oui je crois Ronelle que Josée la recommande pour du poisson aussi~Bonne idée~
    A La I have met you~ Thank you..I will go peek more later..:)

    Pam fresh mozzarella..YES!

    Hope you all enjoy it..

  26. I so wish my J liked sweet peppers! What a beautiful dish!

  27. une recette bien fraiche au saveurs du sud, un peu de soleil dans la cuisine, merci madame

  28. I believe that this recipe is very good and thanks for your personal suggestions. Very useful. (as always great photos!)Kisses

  29. quel blog délicieux que je découvre grâce à Hélène merci
    bonne soirée

  30. Goat cheese and peppers...yes, I love them! Perfect party food, and colorful food is so good for you, too. Thanks for introducing us to Josée, she's a gem and so are you!


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