Thursday, February 25, 2010

Xie_ Xie Ju~

Do you see this pretty face and lovely vibrant colors? Who does she remind you of?

I am really not a show and tell gifts..

I have known special friends..since 2001 on the net that I exchange surprises with..on occasions..and even on not occasions.... and we keep our personal treasures..quite personal.
They mean so much..but not in a way that you want to say: Look!They are too personal:) And sweet.I am quite private..and I feel that what we offer are reflections of the personal.

We use the tokens of friendship in our posts..and I spot them a mile away..

But if ever I posted a personal diplomatic quiet way..I think they would be questioned:)♥
So..with permission..I am sharing these..

In the darling note that came from Singapore..via Ontario..and then to QC~..

I was taught what these are..

They are known as:"Red Envelopes~..Ang Pows"~(Paos)

She mentioned she thought of our Alphabet Boys~ Lucas..Maxime ..Noah and Olivier~
I will of course use them.. How can one not act upon bestowing luck on a grandson when the giver thought of this across the world?♥
Have you guessed by now?If you have clicked on the link you have.. A wonderful,colorful,happy blog..that has taught me many different things:)

Nooshi visited Singapore and Ju..Lucky them:) 2 young girls..full of life and adventure and knowledge..

Nooschi came back with the offerings for me and mailed them to me..Thank you Nooshi~

I am really looking forward to making Curry Puffs..And Pineapple Tarts:)

And rereading my note many many times~

Xie_Xie Ju~

Thank You~


And to Nooshi .. too.

It's a small small world~After All..


  1. That is a lovely tradition... we should have something like that here!

  2. Monique, my daughter and I are fairly new to blogging, but already have made some lovely new friends. Isn't it wonderful?!

  3. Ha ha...for a while, I was suprised and wondered how come you've got our Ang Paos... This design,issued by a local bank is a popular design this year...I remember you commented that you couldn't stop staring at the sweet face...Ju is so thoughtful..:)

  4. i love how you charm internationally~

    i know you were smitten with those, how sweet they come knocking on your door. its so wonderful seeing the world embrace you, i was so lucky to have found you too~

  5. such friendship and gift giving...even across the continents... How wonderful for you.

  6. So cute, they are..I have a friend from Japan who lived here and through her I got to know all these delicate and intricate art they do, their gentleness in and care and attention to everyday living...

  7. Monique, these are so darling! Your 'alphabet boys' will love them! What an adorable gift. What an adorable giver!

    Thanks for sharing these.

  8. So cute yet so sweettttttttttttttttt.

  9. I like the way you share.
    You give honest token, that no hidden
    agenda possessive tokening that's seen so often.

    They are as adorable, what a treasure.

  10. I remember how excited I was to receive a packet of seeds from a GB friend in Japan and how beautifully decorated the envelope and stationery were. What a sweet gift!

  11. Kate.. Thank you..I even wondered about posting~

    The last thing I would appreciate here is show and tell.
    I appreciate what everyone has.. wants.. had..

    But I have always lived trying to be humble.
    The purpose of my blog to share not show..

    The blogs I visit ...I feel that there..

    But I remember riding teacups in Florida in a Magic Kingdom..w/ my small daughters..not quite really knowing what It's a small small world after all really meant..Until many many years later..

    This ..was a true example of that.

    You got I see you all did..

    C'est un partage humble et vrai.
    Du coeur.Pas de froufrou..They are the ones I have loved .Vice versa.

    Have a great evening!

  12. So special M...
    and thoughtful...
    such a good friend,
    across so many miles.
    Would it not be marvelous ...just for a day, to all visit each other...
    Our senses would be on overload!!!
    so nice of Ju.
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  13. Very beautiful, and all the more special that they came from so very far away. I want to thank you ever so much for all your lovely comments that you so generously leave for me on my posts. I appreciate them dearly.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Kisses to you and the adorable alphabet boys. It's my privilege knowing you and your beautiful family! :)

  15. so pretty and colourful, humble always Monique thats just who you are a treasure

  16. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. Such a nice post. It is a small world, and that is precisely what makes it so nice.
    The alphabet boys must love them!

  17. I think each birthday will be the occasion:) Starting in June..then July..August and September:)~
    I had dinner at my friends home last night and they were familiar with this custom.. WE leafed through their books of The great Wall Of China..Beijing..etc..The moment just keeps lasting:)

  18. I can see Ju sending this bright and cheery gift to you. She gives us all a gift with every post, as do you.

    Thanks to both of you for sharing a part of yourselves!