Monday, February 8, 2010

Soul Food #41~

Sewing: A creative mess is better than tidy idleness. ~Author Unknown

It does make a mess..but it's gardening..and I have Kathy to thank for the inspiration ..of my take on an Amy Butler Swing Bag~ I have many ideas.. not enough fabric..It took me a while to get used to reading a pattern..
Which this one goes something like this..:)

Place the right sides of the Main on the wrong sides of the Canvas and then put the left hand on the right side..Oy..Really she explains it so's just that my pattern reading side of the brain has been too quiet for too long..:)

It felt good to stitch a bag~

I showed Lulu the small burlap heart I made and stuffed and stamped with a crown and said what's this Lulu? He said.."Dust?"

Thank goodness Jacques said:"Une couronne?"(A crown?) If he knew.. I was ok.

I am naming this one Marie Antoinette~


  1. dust? i am cracking up! at least j got it, i am sure scott would be more like l!

    cute bag~

  2. You are truly multi-talented! I would never be able to do this. I am not detailed and patient enough. I can only sigh wistfully at the impossible thought of becoming a home diva like you...

  3. It's beautiful, Monique. I needed to read something like this. I am tired. You made put a smile to my face. :) Thank you for that. I love anything toile. I bought a sun dress for my daughter some time ago, in that colour, but without the vertical stripes. It was her favourite dress for a long time. I should have kept it instead of giving it away. If only I had read this post first. I would have made a bag like that for her. :(

  4. Burlap does create a little dust LOL!
    I love Amy Butler cute. Yours is wonderful!

  5. Lovely bag! "Dust" brought a big smile to my face...adorable. We need children to help us see things differently, don't we?

    My mind could not have gotten through the pattern right now! I am trying to make a Princess Quilt...we shall see how that goes.

    Thank you for sharing the bag today.

  6. Lovely! I have a thing for making my own bags, I love to shop using my hand made bags! Love your choice of fabric and the little crown!!!
    Margaret B

  7. Well, you already know how I adore this, and everything about it! Merci for the sneak-peek.

    Oh my gosh, I had to laugh at the innocent 'dust' comment. Sooo darling.

    Happy Monday mon ami, it's off to a good start, thanks to you.


  8. That is lovely Monique!
    I love it and I too am a sucker for anything toile!
    I love the dust comment! How precious!

  9. I love your bag, Monique. It's so funny - I've been thinking of getting my sewing machine out of retirement, too. I do like to sew things for the house (not for myself so much!!)

    Dust! That made me smile! ;-D

  10. I never sew for myself Lori..this is a first in a loong time..
    When the girls were little they had matching outfits..w/ Velcro closings because my machine refused to make buttonholes and my handmade ones left much to be desired..I made ruffled curtains(remember..?( Cape Cods ),canopies for beds..aprons w/ crayons in them..tablecloths and napkins..Barbie clothes and Cabbage Patch and My Friend dolls..I just felt like oiling up the machine and making something..winter is long here!

    I am hoping to personalize some..and offer them..but I realize they are not for everyone..:) I kinda like it hanging in the kitchen beside some lavender on a hook:)
    A baguette would be cute in it:)

    Thank you..
    ~ Have a great evening~

  11. J'aime vraiment la couture. Ca me relaxe. J'aime ce sac. Je me demande bien ou je peux acheter le patron.

  12. I love that you call your bag, Marie Antoinette. Great name for a beautiful bag.

  13. Monique, this is so beautiful and Lulu so funny, thye make us smile our children and grandchildren. The bag is just so sweet and the baguette in it how you that would be.

  14. The bag is so pretty! I even like the dusty heart :)

  15. Marie Antoinette would look charming holding a Baguette! or even some of your charming linens!
    You will be even more chic then normal shopping with your classy bag...Certainly turned out beautifully.
    Today was LONG and we are so glad it is over...So much to learn, so many emotions to reign in...exhausting.
    So happy to come here and be refreshed by your world, xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  16. oh! when the light catches on to something beautiful it stays there to gorgeous Monique!

    'dust'made me laugh...of course...its grey... so dust! :D but of course we all know its a crown!

  17. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment! I am so glad that you visited because now I have found another fabulous foodie blog! Your recipes look amazing and I can't wait to go back and have a good look at all of them!

    I love your Marie Antoinette bag clever are you!!!

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  18. Not only are you a talented cook, writer and now also crafts? Monique, I am in awe!

  19. Pourquoi y a t-il si longtemps que je n'ai pas pu te rendre visite. Quel retard à combler et que de merveilleuses choses à découvrir encore. j'en ai pour plusieurs jours!

  20. Monique, your bag is so beautiful. I'm not sure I could do that. But I'm almost tempted to try.


  21. That would make an adorable market bag also! I love crafts but have never been in love with sewing. Your first attempt turned out beautifully, even with the 'dust' ;)

  22. Out of the mouth's of Babe's!! So cute...

    Zurin's comment is spot on!

    I have that same toile without the it as a remnant in Paris. I have too much fabric and not enough time, I am giving most of it away as soon as I find a taker. Wish you were closer! It is so much fun to makes bags for friends. Yours is so cheerful and "you"!


  23. Your bag looks so French and very chic. Gorgeous Monique.

  24. Sweet bag. Dust, I laughed at that one.
    It's a beautiful bag, crown and all.

  25. Bonjour Monique, ton sac est vraiment magnifique, j'adore la boucle et la petite broderie. Tu as beaucoup de talent, ta patience a été récompensée ma chère car quel beau résultat.

    Passe une belle journée.

  26. "Dust" that one gave me the giggles. Out of the mouths of babes... I can see this one with a fresh baguette peeking out the top as you wander through the market. Simply lovely!