Thursday, February 18, 2010

Full Circle~

I am extremely fortunate..More so than my own mom was..Remember the little gifts our children made us growing up?This is what happens when they have children..

They make their nanas gifts♥
With a little help from their moms..

I can't tell you how this felt.
But I'm trying.


  1. so sweet, i know you cherish them all. the apples didn't fall far from the tree, and now look at the little seedling~

  2. How sweet. There really aren't words to share those heart warming feelings. You must be a very special Nana!

  3. Oh, that is just so endearing!! Sweet, sweet gifts that are truly treasures. Monique, you are lucky to have them as much as they are lucky to have you. :) Enjoy the love. :)

  4. You are very fortunate indeed, M!

    Those delightful gifts, lovingly-made by tiny hands, will illuminate every day and every moment of your life.

    I still have every decoration Sam and Thumper have ever made me, and will never part.

  5. You were wise to keep them all!
    They are such cute kids..It's fun to be wished a Happy Birfdy~

    They are sweet gifts..I was told by Lulu that the box was to keep all my "jewels"~Priceless.

    I would love to see some of your treasures ~

  6. Monique, How sweet this is ~ so touching it brought a lump to my throat.

    Precious beyond words and priceless. Thank you for sharing. xo

  7. The wonders of being a treasured Nana....
    A gift from your gift!
    Looks like your "Birfday" shall be remembered forever!
    Happy Birthday my friend...
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  8. Hey! I didn't know it was your birfday! Happy happy! I love the treasure box. And the birdhouse. What
    wonderful birfday gifts!

    Happy Birthday, Monique--however it's spelled.

  9. Oh these must make your heart sing!
    I am sorry I missed sending you birthday wishes yesterday...
    I hope you had a fabulous day filled with all you love! From the looks of things I can tell you certainly did!
    Happy Birthday M!!!

  10. Absolute treasures! I have saved so much-my husband keeps asking how many macaroni frames one can own, but I just can't give them up. Enjoy!
    xoxo Pattie

  11. These are your most valued treasures...made with loving hands and hearts.

    I have some of these treasures still, they are the best. Funny, when I look at them, it seems like yesterday that I was given them.

    I didn't know it was your birfday!! Happy, happy day!

    May the circle go unbroken :-)


  12. so cute! The boys did a great job :)

  13. How fortunate you are to be so close to your little ones and to be able to share so much of yourself with them. They just love you don't they!!! This is so sweet I can't wait to get nanny presents oooh beautiful x

  14. What priceless gift you received. Happy Birthday!

  15. Beautiful gifts, and now beautiful memories for both you and your grandchildren. Precious.

  16. Kim I am so excited for you~!

    ..The jewels Lulu talks about to me.. if only he knew..they are the jewels:)

    Maureen..I love your Mondays and Fridays.. It helps me to remember things I may have forgotten along the way~

    "May the circle go unbroken :-)"

    How sweet~

    Mari.. I know you feel that way~
    Have a great evening everyone..The party's over:) I promise..:)

  17. Thank you so much for visiting! The picture of San Gimingnano is one I found online. I used to visit there with my grandparents and loved it.
    xoxo Pattie (Patrizia)

  18. u must be a special nana ~ enchanting gifts from little hands...they know just what you would love and how to make you speechless. ^^

  19. and happy birfday Monique! (^^)

  20. Happy Birthday Monique. What precious and priceless gifts! Lucky you!! xxoo

  21. Bonne Anniversaire (en retard) ma chère Monique, tu as eu de très beaux cadeaux, les plus merveilleux.

    Passe un beau dimanche.

  22. I'm sure there were tears of joy! What a wonderful circle of life it is :)

  23. Siih How did you get the idea to create great items like this