Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sometimes you just have to make your own~

Lulu came for a visit..what better time to try out a light version of hot chocolate and Heart Shaped Pink Marshmallows~:)

It was a great visit after work~ He just has a way of brightening up the day~

I got up extra early to start sewing on something before work~

Kathy at Sweet Up North Mornings has inspired me to oil up the old Singer~

I can't even read a pattern after all these years anymore....but it's oiling up my brains too:)

I'll keep you posted if it turns out better than my latest macarons:( Oy..

Pas du tout jolis ces macarons....:(

One thing that turned out splendidly though..was Chapot's Salade Lyonnaise..
C'est bon!

Jacques and I love it~
I used Quail eggs and they are hard to poach..But I half got them..and w/ J's prosciutto..who would notice anyways..Merçi Chapot..I know you are very very busy with your art classes..But I wanted you to know we loved your "Salade Lyonnaise"~:)

It's a Sunny Delight~:)


  1. Glad you had a wonderful visit with Lulu, the hot chocolate looks so warm and delicious. Yum... Salade Lyonnaise too (and the plate!).

  2. Delightful, from start to finish!

    I was smiling all the way through. So preciously presented ~ thank you for sharing. Love the mini Singer and Diorama.

    Salade Lyonnaise is one of my favorites, but with J's homemade prosciutto and quail eggs?! Oh, it has visited new heights.

    Very nice!

  3. Your amazing...I bet you brighten Lulu's day just as much as he yours!
    Delighted to see your oiling up the machine...and a cute one it is!
    Can't wait to see the finished product.
    You should keep track of all the ways you use J's proscuitto...
    Sounds like a cookbook title to me!!!!
    I made homemade marshmallows two years ago for Lulu's hot chocolate brought that back to me...
    Enjoy my friend, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. What a lovely post...your Lulu is a lucky little man to have a wonderful Nana like you...
    I love your little machine!
    What happened to your poor Macarons?

  5. I love your hot chocolate cup! How cute! And your Salade Lyonnaise - beautiful. I can't help but swoon when I visit your blog, Monique!

  6. Wonderful looking hot chocolate -- and that salad looks yummy as well!

  7. What wonderful pics. The salad and hot chocolate look scrummy! Wish we could experience some of that wet cold weather! We are in an extreme drought here in the south of South Africa.

    Thanks for a great blog!

  8. I sympathise about the macarons. I have a hard time getting motivated to try again, because I can go down the street and buy them...hmmm. Not sure that's a good thing! I'll suffer, though. ;-)

    I love the hot chocolate mug. And the marshmallows. I miss that kind of time with our grandkids.

    Gorgeous post, Monique. Thanks!

  9. I'm in love with that plate. Adorable. And how cute are those heart shaped marshmallows. Just perfect for Valentine's day around the corner!

  10. This is an enchanting post. Im sure Lulu had as great a time with his wonderful nana as you with him.

    That Singer is so precious... and such a charming room to sew in too.

    i know whatever it is youre making it will be beautiful ..couldnt imagine otherwise.:)

  11. Good morning! I wish I had macarons up the corner store:) My macarons ..a flat meringues..I'll try again one day..The sewing machime etc..belong to one of the dollhouses our daughters had 30 yrs ago..They are up in a storage area in our home..I brought it down for Lucas yesterday and he said where's the boy? So he made a dinosaur go in and out once and then said "Could we play something better than this?"

    So I did but too a few pics before bringing it back to the attic.

    The plate is from Amazon..a little set of 4 luncheon plates bought 2 years ago..I bet they still have them..Jill Butler..4 different French Designs.
    The cups..are dollar store:)

  12. That is the most amazing sewing machine... and it still works... remarkable... I love it!!

  13. A wonderful post, Monique. Starting the day with a cup of hot chocolate in a smiley face cup and heart shaped marshmallows...what a treat.

  14. I love reading about your visits with Lulu. Those little marshmallow hearts really add that Nana's special touch.

    Beautiful salad.

  15. I bet you are one of those very special Grandmothers. You know, the kind that grandchilden can't get enough of. Thank God for that. Love the miniature sewing machine, as well as the other accessories. Hot chocolate looks silky smooth.

  16. I love the darling old Singer and that cup of sunshine. I know how my day is brightened when Mack is here :)

    This sounds like a wonderful salad!

  17. Can't wait to see what you make..
    My gkids love when I let them use the sewing machine...We made pillows before Cmas. OY, they were awful, but they thought they were great..:)

  18. I have an old Singer...not that old. I used to use it for everything. Then...not being able to reverse just seemed too backward, so I upgraded. Love yours.

    What a lucky guy you have there...and lucky you!


  19. What an elegant & beautiful post. I have an old Singer gathering dust in the attic. You inspire me to take it out!!

  20. I love the simley mug! So cute :)

  21. I love your old Singer! Wow! Mine isn't quite as old but it is coming out. I just started a quilting project.

  22. Ohh mmmm . . . . looks fantastic as always nana! What a pretty sewing machine as well! My nan's burnt in a house fire, but it was just like yours. pity that . . . oh, and my e-mail addy is mariealicejoan at aol dot com. :-)

  23. Your Salade Lyonnaise is gorgeous. I love the plates too. I see above in your post that they are from Jill Butler. We took her little book, "Rendez-vous with France" with us and it was a big help. Who knew we would need to go to a bricolage. Thanks to Jill we knew the correct word for a French hardware store. She has lovely taste too.

    The hot chocolate is adorable.

  24. Sam..good to know about her book..I really like her line of dishes ..glasses etc:)It's new for me too bricolage for hardware we say"Quincaillerie"..~:) Bricolage means to do crafts etc..

    Many terms are different. I love listening to French from France diction..
    The machine is tiny ..not even 1 inch it's a a dollhouse~ Not our home:)My daughters dollhouse:)

    Have a great evening and thanks for coming over..

  25. I keep meaning to make my own marshmallows and never get around to it - definitely soon! I love your smiley bucket, brightened up my day. Lovely post :)

  26. just the cutest little hot chocolate and singer what a nana you are. love all things nana

  27. Superbe, cette salade !
    J'ai fait une nouvelle version aujourd'hui, je la mettrai sur mon blog very soon
    En en plus tu couds, tu as vraiment plus d'une corde à ton arc !
    Je ne peux que répéter bravo

  28. J'ai oublié, merci pour le clin d'oeil vers mon blog, je suis très touchée que tu aimes mes recettes