Friday, January 30, 2009


Allegra can mean joyous in English~
I just had a busy "Allegraish" few days looking after 2 of our small grandsons with my husband.
How did I do this on my own in my early 20's when my husband worked?
It took the two of us to keep them as busy and as happy as we wanted them to be:)
They had room service..sofa service..lots of craft sessions..outdoor activities.. colds.. reading..toy room etc..
And at their home during the does it all:)
It's the age..busy busy.. 3 and 18 months..:)
Cute as buttons..sweet as pie.
From La Table De Nana

I love the way he is holding on to his red motorcycle:) I took over 300 pics in the days I had my camera..some are on their mommy's camera.
It was neat to see that even after more than 30 still want to try the same things their mommies did:)

Yes real boys do try and eat snow.


Lovely white fresh fallen snow in our backyard..rosy cheeks..runny noses.I was looking at my girls of over 30 yrs ago..but in 2 small boys:)

Before going I had made a batch of Alegra muffins..wanting to have something on hand and perusing my little muffin paper collection.They are all so cute the new papers..
Temptations abound:)

But I ended up using the brown larger parchment paper type ones I now favor so much..The hold a lot:)

From La Table De Nana

Do you remember these Alegra muffins?

They keep in the fridge 6 weeks..Ours were never around that long..

I used to make them years and years ago~
Alegra’s Six Week Muffins
Courtesy of California’s Best of Best Cookbook

1 (20 ounce) box Raisin Bran cereal
3 cups sugar
5 cups flour
5 teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoons salt
4 large eggs, beaten
1 cup oil
1 quart buttermilk
In a very large bowl mix raisin bran, sugar, flour,soda, and salt.
Add eggs, buttermilk, and oil.
This batter will keep 6 weeks in your refrigerator.
Bake as you need them.

As you're ready to use fill muffin tins 2/3 full and bake at 400°F for 15-20 minutes depending on tin size.

My notes..Again I halved everything...and I add plumped raisins or other fruits .Needless to say.. quite a bit more cinnamon too~


  1. nana i missed you, its good to see the joy back on your blog! i know you had a wonderful week, but soon you should need to crumple up and rest a long time!

    when and where did you get the susan cupcake covers???!

    the world is well again, you are home and sharing, missed ya nbf!

  2. I love the pic eating snow...precious..
    Nice cupcake goodies.
    I watched Martha and the gal said to cut the I am trying that...too cheap to buy those papers!!!

    I never heard of Allegra muffins, but there was one the Frugal Gourmet used to make, similar I think.
    I will have to go look..I know exactly where it is written!
    Glad you are back, rest up!

  3. Monique... what a delightful post! I love that you and J had this wonderful fun time!

  4. Monique, lovely pictures and a wonderful narrative of your days. I love your description of how your days were spent... I definitely can relate and do understand the joy.

    The eating snow picture is delightful. I think it would make a great 8 X10 print.

    What a darling collection of of muffin papers. I think the brown parchment paper that you used with the Alegra muffins are perfect and the twine is a cute touch.

  5. Cynthia,I know you can relate:)

    I am so happy Tate is better:) too w/ all your DGKs!

    I saw that Martha too and will trt..I actually found these wrappers reasonable when my $ was worth ALMOST :) equal to yours.. 50 I think for $5.00:) I will's been a while:)

    Jayne.. wher have you been? I check your blog every day!!!

    I hope all is well!

    Jain..I bought those mini brioche cups in Little Italy..mine are paper..not tin like Susan's and I have had them since the last time we went there..before Xmas..
    I wish they were tin:)

    They are available there..on occasion ..and if you want some I would be happy to get some for you..hard paper:)

    I found it "Cool" as Lulu would say..that they photoed sooo white on the inside!

    Thanks girls!

  6. Monique, I bought 3 of the same styles of paper cups that you have ;) My mini brioche cups are heavy paper also - not tin. I got all of mine from Fancy Flours a few weeks before our cupcake party.

    The muffins sounds delightful. I had never made them before. I must have missed that one years ago. Copying and pasting now.

    Your sweet boy is cute as a muffin too :) I need to keep up my exercise regimen so I can do what you did for the past few days when the time comes!

  7. Love the post! Eating snow is so funny. When it first starts snowing I always do something silly too. I look up and open my mouth. Silly.... But it just seems natural lol.

    We have made the same muffins for years. I believe it was my sister in law's mother who shared the recipe back in the 80s. I didn't know they were called Alegra's Muffins though. We just called them 6 Week Muffins. The recipe sharer was from California though!

  8. will be a wonderful nana.I am certain! It's amazing how much energy you DO need.:)
    It's a ball ..really!

    Suzy..I do that too! Well not always..but I have:)