Thursday, January 15, 2009

Salads and Such~

We really like salads and most of the time we just eyeball EVOO,balsamic..salt and pepper and a touch of sugar.
I think I like my dressings sweet apart from Caesar Salad.
And we really don't like bottled dressing and never buy it.
My favorite standby to have in the fridge is the trusted poppy seed dressing which goes so well with shaved fennel that we favor.

It's just got such a little kick to it..

Poppy Seed Dressing~

One-third cup cider vinegar
One-half teaspoon salt
One-half cup sugar
One teaspoon dry mustard

One cup vegetable oil..I use 3/4 EVOO ..

Poppy seeds

In a Bain~ Marie warm sugar and vinegar.... until sugar is melted.. add mustard.
Place in a blender slowly drizzle the EVOO..add salt..

and blend..I stir in the poppy seeds.
Loads of variations on the above..Different vinegars..+or -sugar..
Love it with Soinach and Strawberries.


  1. What a great panel of of pictures .. all four are beautiful.

    I love the lighting in each one and the colors are lovely.

    We sometimes make our own salad dressing, not often enough ... I like mine vinegary.

    Monique, Is that a towel or apron ... extra virgin???

  2. Cynthia.. it's my dress of course:)

    It's a tea towel.
    OOhhh I prefer vinegary too:) With a bite..J often makes a face when I make our regulars:)
    Thank you Cynthia..
    It's that cold daylight:) FRIGID COLD DAYLIGHT.

  3. Poppy seed dressing is my fav..I love to drizzle it over fish also! Many times I just take cider vinegar and add a bit of Equal for a quickie, I like the bite of the vinegar also :)

  4. I had just finished typing a post here and I lost my internet connection! Jain isn't the only one having problems.

    I had said how wonderful your dressing sounds. I love to make my own too.

    I saw your lovely photos on FG :)

    Posting quickly now!

  5. Mike makes the dressing here...but I mostly use the fat free raspberry vinegarette, Maple Grove..

    The pictures are delightful.. you can almost see the crunch!

    A chef I know told me always to sprinkle a little sugar on the spinach salad to take away the bitterness of the spinach...and I do!

  6. oy sugar on spinach, i wish i never read that, i am fat enough as is!

    your pics are snap crackle pop to me, fresh right off the page! i love having a nest with all your recipes to come to forever, never ever change a thing here!

  7. Just a little tiny bit on each plate Jain, adds only a few calories!

  8. You would be proud that I always make mine too...similr to yours unless I make the thai dressing..equal parts peanut oil, sugar, fish sauce and lime juice.