Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Favoritea~

I know I talk a lot about tea..and since I love coffee even more..I too wonder why..
It's the beauty of it all..That's my attraction..the ritual..the way it catches the light..The way it sits prettily on trays.

Most of you know I favor Numi blooming teas.

I have also bought some from other sources..they seem readily available now..Not so much back when I first started indulging in this beautiful blooming tea.
I am a gardener... so to's like a small winter indoor bloom.
Remember Sea Monkeys? Or those things I buy Lulu that look like small foam pellets in capsules and immersed in water turn into sea creatures?
The same applies here..but for grown~ups:)

You start off with a tray.. a cup.. an assortment.. or one hand made tea pod..and a clear vessel to brew the tea.

At first it looks like this..

And when you add your water turns into a water garden..All different shapes.. all different types of teas.
It's a photo..a surprise .. every time..


  1. Such a pretty post!

    I love that mosaic tray and enjoy seeing every picture that you post of it. (Doesn't Jain have a similar one ... or am I confused?)

    Monique, I'm surprised that you like coffee more than tea. Maybe you've posted more about tea because of all tea "pretties" that you have. And you're correct the way it catches the light is enchanting.

  2. Your tea is pretty! I am an avid blooming tea fan after first seeing you post about it over at gb's. Your photos are beautiful!

  3. you know this is my favorite... i too love the look, its always a lazy hazy moment in time for me~ and your pics send me into deep happy thoughts~

    cynthia i do have it, so does mary~ monique loves sea monkeys, i love monkey see, monkey do!

  4. Monique, I have been waiting for this :-) I am just about ready to make a pretty little water garden. I received the flowering tea for Christmas from a friend, so I'll be looking for the clear vessel next. Beau!

  5. A nice cup of tea is so comforting and warming on a cold day.

    I've never seen flowering tea. I'll have to look for it.

  6. They make such a wonderful presentation, don't they? Can you imagine tying all those flowers together by hand? What a lot of work it takes to create these. Your pot really shows it off well.

  7. So pretty Monique! It looks especially nice on your tray.

    I feel so happy as my son gave me some of these teas for Christmas :), I can't wait to try them in the clear teapot. I'll be thinking of both of you when I make it!

    Very nice entry, as always. :) xo~m.

  8. Thanks! Glad some of you are enjoying it!With all your travels have probably seen them make them:)

  9. Lovely, I have never seen that, except from you...Unique Monique!

  10. M, you make everything pretty... always. I love your life and I'm so happy you share the beauty with us.

  11. I saw them yesterday at World Market too. Your have always showed them so beautifully. Do you love the taste of the tea too?

  12. Mme. M, it is truly a magical metamorphosis, but only in your hands.

    In my hands, it would look like a weasel trapped in a teapot. It just wouldn't be the same.

  13. Susan..if it's that pretty I can adjust:)
    Yes I really like the taste of the tea..there are many kinds
    You have to get what suits you.
    I had wanted to link :Chinese Tea Forr You" a company in western Canada..but it seems to be gone.
    Their service was excellent nd their produst also!
    Sol.. ..yours would be a flower in
    the Garden Of Eden itself.
    All of you should have some.
    You can put it in ANY clear vessel.
    Add honey.. anything..just give yourself the fun and pleasure.