Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Superhero~

From La Table De Nana

He really doesn't even look like this:) The Batman mask changes his whole little face:) But he cracked us up all day and made many a WalMart employee smile and be so nice to him.He was out to save his world.Meanwhile..he colored mine with happiness.

Honestly.. he makes my days.. My smaller ones do too..but this superhero talks a lot now at 3..and says what's in his heart~ His beautiful little 3 year old heart..that makes mine melt.
And to keep this being Nana.. a really nice new side dish recipe if you like Sweet Potatoes and Pomegranates..
Really tasty w/ grilled steaks.
On another cold blustery day in the North was a very welcoming side dish after a long happy superhero day.
Lulu..My Superhero~


  1. Oh, Monique ... how adorable.

    I truly understand your feelings ... I love your statement, " He colored mine with happiness. ... and says what's in his heart". What lovely sentiments.

    I had to do some work on the computer today while Addi was here. She was less that five feet away from me playing with a doll and pretending that she was the doll's mommy. I caught myself listening to her "conversation". They truly do say what's in their hearts.

    I think 3 is a GREAT age!

  2. Your superhero has a beautiful smile! I can't comprehend fully yet the love of a grandchild and I hope to someday find out :-) I love when you tell of your lovely days with L, M & N!

  3. Adorable, M...and safe with the mask...
    Yes, 3 and 4 and 1 and matter they age, they are wonderful...
    Marsha , you will know soon!

  4. What a handsome Superhero he is! Love the smile - that would melt my heart too ;)

  5. M, such a sweet post... he's adorable. I know how special they all are to you.

  6. what a darling pic! i know you had a super day, you all look so cute. his pic is crack up, i love the pure joy you share!

    and the recipe looks good too!

  7. Thanks !
    I go to bed at night after days with them still excited and happy.
    Marsha your day will come ..:) And we'll be here to see:)

  8. Hey Monique, your Batman's smile brightened my day, as well.