Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bread Baking ~

For a couple of little loved ones~

While in Provence.. la boulangère was nice enough to give me a few extra "pain"paper sheets.
I was there again this afternoon in my mind~
The warm glow off all the breads and patisseries..against the wood shelves..the smell.. her friendliness.

I even like bread sideways:)


  1. Perfection Monique! Such a charming touch with the pain paper and twine wrap. *hearts*

    I came to oogle over your masterpiece cupcakes again, and received a double surprise with your beautiful bread.

    (I think I can smell it's wonderful aroma.) :)


  2. Can you imagine the first loaf of bread ever made and how it changed life?

    I love good bread! Yours is beautiful and the paper wrapper is such a wonderful touch.

  3. What a beautiful presentation of your bread! The beautiful paper and tie and the long view...I like bread sideways too. I think bread is more enticing to me than sweets.

    Great post.

  4. i adore your pics, you make life charming~

  5. Beautiful pictures of beautiful bread ... How sweet that you have paper sheets from Provence.

    How comforting after all the cold and snow of your winter, a brief reminiscing "visit" to Provence can bring you much needed sunshine and warmth (at least in your mind).

    I'm sure the "little loved ones" were pleased with "le pain de Nana".

  6. There is nothing like homemade bread. Darling wrapper :-)

  7. Jain, that's precisely the word I was thinking of: "Charming."

    Mme.M., I like every view of that bread. And if that's what the French call Pain, I'll take a baker's dozen. Wrapped or unwrapped. It matters not.

  8. i am missing my nbf, tick tock, tick tock...

  9. Your bread looks delicious, and your wrapper so cute!

  10. Oh Monique, I love your Blog. It is so you. "Tres Belle".