Friday, January 9, 2009

Butter Chicken~

My girls LOVE butter chicken..they even took me to an authentic Indian resto for true butter chicken.I admit it was good.
A tad richer than I usually love..but it was good.
Both of them favor this quick fix all in a packet Butter Chicken..Can you get it where you live? It gets sold out so quickly at our épiceries.I am not a packet person.Really.

I'm a convert.To this packet and Butter Chicken.
My husband has not always been..
But this time I kept it warm in the warming tagine I have.. and he said it tasted even better.
I really think it's because both daughters love it that he said that.
He is easily influenced by what his favorite women say:)

I served it on Basmati of my very favorite rices.It's just so perfect every time.9 mins on high in the microwave in my Pyrex dish w/ a Scott(Bounty in the USA?) towel between the lid and the glass container.
Power high.Let rest.I use bouillon as the liquid..Ratio 1 cup rice to 2 cups bouillon.No fail rice.

I had fun with this dish tonight..because I just happened to go to the USA yesterday and came home w/ 4 new dishes(plates) to accompany the tagine .All at a "beeautiful" affordable price of $2.00 each dish.The bee ones are the Portugal ones..I favor that line so much!

And the black are a Harvest style from Mikasa. Glisteningly black with a golden scroll.They form a good team.
My friend taught me well.
I had the Tagine already.

I really like the taste of curry..I think my husband is aquiring a taste for it:)

It was yummy tonight.

I hope to have 3 friends over to have this dish and introduce them to each other.. the dish.. of butter chicken..and the friends to meet one new one~


  1. Those new dishes are so pretty! Do you have the bee glasses as well? How fun to go on a dish shopping trip and they look great with the golden tangine. The chicken does look good in your photo (though curry is still growing on me as well).

  2. Hi bee glasses..the 2 dishes..well 4 with the black ones..(How quickly we forget!)It wasn't a dish expedition:) It was a WalMart USA expedition.
    My DD finds cute pyjamas and t-shirts for the boys..We love their company.
    But there is a TJ..and I BEEline there when I go.I wish we went more often. are like Jacques.. the taste is growing on him too..But last night he said you can make this anytime.:)

  3. bee-utifl pics monique! i have never had butter chicken, but is sounds wonderful! i so love your pics, you always captivate me.

  4. Very pretty tagine and dishes... your photos are wonderful.

    I'm not fond of Indian food but John loves it. And he LOVES curry.... even adds it to his chicken soup.

  5. I have never heard of butter chicken..but I do not like curry at all, so I will look at yours!
    I am not a spicey person,..:)

  6. Your dishes are so pretty, and what a bargain!
    And I love your tangine..
    Hope you have a lovely day with your friends..the company is the most impt!

  7. Kathleen for you to tell me they were a bargain..Now I know they really are!!
    The Tagine was from that same store last Feb I think.
    They don't have much but I have been lucky 3 times now.
    Yikes..not a lot of Indian Food lovers here..Lots where I live..In England also..

    I really do not know much about it..only went to one restaurant.
    I have a co-worker wo raves about it:) I'd like to experiment more..much more.

  8. Monique, I think I would like the chicken. I've only had Indian a few times, but really liked it a lot. I would go more often, but DH is not so fond of it.
    Oh, those dishes! I love them, they look perfect in your pics. And yes, a good price.

  9. If ever you cannot find this type of Butter Chicken plse let me know Jayne:)

  10. I love Butter Chicken, but have never made it. Shame on me. I will be searching the internet for this packet. I'm not a packet person either, but sometimes.......Pam