Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday Night~Pizza Night.

Most Friday Nights are pizza nights here.
From La Table De Nana

Jacques makes delicious pizzas.Thin crust.thick crust.. some toppings..more toppings..less toppings.

I like them all.
Last night was no exception.But it was after a nice day going to a couple of new spots and doing errands.
Most of you know I am such a devoted fan of ..

Every time I get his magazine..I peruse the recipes..look at what he recommends..etc..often the sources for his findings are listed.
One thing I had looked for many a year:), are the wild hibiscus flowers ..His source was named in the well as sources for other things.
Jacques brought me here and there and yonder..(far for me:) )..
In one of the stores imagine my delight in being there at the exact moment his(Ricardo's)..or one of his stylist/photographers..was there.
The store owners and the gentleman could not have been nicer..friendlier..more helpful.
It's a treat to meet people you admire and see that their talents shine though in friendliness.
True artists share..ideas.. tips ..kindness.
He was a reflection of what I see in the magazine.
I was not disappointed:)
I picked up a small gift for a special couple:)

And thought I would share this fun way of wrapping.. w/ a magazine..pages of..a magazine..

Everyone has a magazine at home:)

So The pizza was always..the day.. a bit more fun than usual:)

It was thin crust last night and mine had fresh tomatoes.

Jacque's Dough Recipe~

50 mL white wine
115 mL water
0.5 tsp salt
1.0 tsp sugar
1.0 tbsp olive oil
1.0 tbsp cornmeal
1/2 cup pastry flour
1 cup farine
1tsp baking powder
.15 tsp garlic powder
.15 tsp onion powder
1 tsp active dry bread yeast

Pre-heat oven @ 170F, then shut it off and let formed pizza on parchment paper rise in oven for 20 minutes.
Preheat baking stone for 30 minutes @ 425 F.

Bake pizza for 15 minutes, then remove.


  1. Monique, you have the most wonderful kitchen items.
    ... Romeo & Julienne ... what a darling play on words.

    I always love seeing J's pizzas ... delilcious looking and definitely pretty. (or would that be handsome?)

    Ricardo's magazine looks very interesting with diverse topics. Cute story of seeing his photographers when searching for your wild hibiscus.

  2. Thin crust is my favorite, but I love pizza any way. Thanks for sharing the dough recipe.

    Wrapping little gifts in magazine pages is a terrific idea. Very clever.

  3. Oh, M, you are lucky to have J, the pizza guy! He does make the most delicious looking pizzas! Sounds like a lovely day!

  4. M, the pizza dough recipe is definitely heding for my recipe file..looks so flaky and thin crust is my fav.

    I've wrapped gifts in many different ways but never with a magazine page..GREAT idea!! I did one for my great niece in a coloring book page after I colored it..outside the lines to make her feel better of course...

  5. you are just so darn eloquent with you blog! you must have been over the moon meeting his stylist~ i guess you found your hibiscus too? cute idea for wrapping~ the pizza pics are beautiful, and your cutting board so sweet, oh roma, roma, where for art thou?

  6.'re so nice..I have a FEW cute items:)

    Thanks !
    I love the play on words too:
    "Tis better to have tossed and chopped than to have never chopped at all:)"

    Barb..I hope it turns out well for you..
    It always does for J..
    I am lucky..that and his risottos are truly delicious..
    The coloring book page is a great idea too!

  7. That sounds like fun!
    Now you should have had your portfolio with you and they would have invited you to his show!
    Do you mean the hibiscus, the hearty kind???

  8. Hi K! Portfolio:) You're so funny..Imagine that!?

    They are wild hibiscus flowers..a bit like my blooming teas.. for champagne and bubbly or wine...even..
    I never knew just for wine..
    It's not for J and I's for a special occasion w/ us and the kids.. maybe a Prosecco toast this Easter?

    I don't know:)

  9. Paring is such sweet sorrow ;)

    I know how much you love things with words - what a cute find!

    Jacques pizza is always a treat to see - I am saving the recipe too.

    What fun to run into Ricardo's stylist. Were they getting ready for a photo shoot at the store.

    I love the magazine gift wrap :) and I can't wait to see how you use the hibiscus flowers.

  10. I should never read the other comments before I comment. First Jain has me laughing with her oh roma quote and then the other's followed suite. Sorry, I don't remember my literature.

    How fun that you got to find the flowers you were looking for and to meet the stylist as well! I agree you could have wowed them with your talents...if only they would have known who "they were talking to!"

  11.'re all a boost of warmth and sunshine.
    I froze in the office today and came home early.. one is out hardly..much nicer inside.

  12. I love when you are on a mission...glad you found your hibiscus flowers and look forward to seeing how you used them.

    I wish we could get Ricardo here in the states :-(

    I love a thin pizza, perhaps this will be my mission today!