Friday, January 9, 2009

Give us this day our daily bread~

We were having special company for lunch today..

A while ago..I had tried Café Chocolada's Piggy Bread..

It was a hit here.. Europe I discovered snail bread:) and made some of those:)

It was a hit too..So today I thought I would try Café Chocolada's Ladybug ..because..well because we like Ladybugs..

And because my friend Jain made it and it looked so cute in California..
So for our special company today I made one..

He picked off the poppy seeds ...but ate it..

I was happy about that.

Thanks to both girls for sharing this cute cute bread.

I like the way both L 's smiled.


  1. everyone is adorable! you know i copy you in a heart beat! you always do things perfect, me, i just try and enjoy, you master it all! love that he picked off the seeds, to cute, now you have ants~

    food and whimsy, my best friends~

  2. Cute cute, Monique...
    And that Cafe Chocolada...great site...saw something I want to many talented people out there!!
    I remember my friend picking the seeds off a roll for her son...he wouldn't eat it with them on..:)

  3. Whimsy suited for a wonderful Nana and her special guests! I'm taking notes ;)

  4. Hello...(Please forgive me if it is inappropriate to barge into your comments section to ask the following question, but I couldn't find an email address to ask you privately.)

    I found your blog recently and have been admiring your beautiful photos! Of course it's the talented photographer who gets the credit, and not the camera, but could you please tell me what kind of camera you use? I need a new one and am hopelessly confused by all the options! When I look at your photos my head stops spinning, and in that moment of clarity my heart declares that it wants whatever camera Nana is using!

    Sincere thanks.

  5. Nana, what a lovely "little yummy creatures"!!! Sooo...cute!

  6. Monique, the piggies on bikes are adorable. Now the snails, and mushrooms ..AND a ladybug.

    Your bread is so cute and ALMOST to pretty to eat.

  7. Winterbourne..Plse forgive me..early this am I posted an answer..(Not really an answer) for you and I must have made an is not here.

    I came to see if you had seen the response.
    It is hard for me to tell you which camera..I use 4-5..Accumulated since 2001.

    I know nothing about photography and you are in the right path asking people what camera they like and use. a pocket Canon..small... older..I can have it in aocket...I don't recommend it for Food foto though..Not my favorite for that.

    All my Europe trip ones and many of the photos on my site were taken with a Sony DSC H2.
    That camera I love.
    I had always liked my Nikons for Macros and still do..The earlier 950 and 4500..
    But I was looking for ZOOM..When I first read about the DSCH line..I knew they would be good.
    Thanks to Jain's reinforcement and Arlene's kindness in obtaining it for me..
    I have one.I must say..It's a great little camera.
    The latest photos you have been seeing are with a less than 1 yr old DSLR..An Olympus E 510.
    I love it..But am at the very bottom of the learning curve.
    I would love to take a class.
    I hope I have helped in a small way..
    There are many great sites to peruse on the web..

    Did you want a DSLR?

    So many great ones..

    Budget?What do you like to photo?

    Nikon D-80 seems amazing..Canon EOS many!!
    I would have a list:)

    So many questions!

    Olympus even makes Food Photography easy in some of their point and shoot cameras with a Food Photo setting..(I don't have that:) )

    Just keep asking..Go to see what you love.
    A camera is a huge investment.
    You should be happy with your choice..Good luck!