Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's a Wrap~

A spring roll wrap..
M came for lunch with Noah after my work..
I made a few BIG ones before leaving this morning..
I know I say this word a lot..but I love these..more in summer of course..But I had shrimp and the noodles and the wraps..I love these big square ones..I usually make little appetizer ones..
Remember Manwich? This is a Manwrap..Perfect for me.

I add carrots,cabbage,spring green onions..a dash of my favorite asian dressing..
and it's a wrap..

Never without a good little dipping sauce and because of my hurriedness this morning..It was The President who made the Peanut Dipping Sauce~


  1. Oh those look so good! I have to look for rice papers...
    Can you put anything you want in it...like chicken?

  2. Ues! You can use chicken..delish w/ chicken..the vermicelli noodles..mushrooms..nuts are great too!
    Do you have that asian salad dressing? I like to add a touch to my mix..

    Red and green peppers are crunchy delish in them also.
    Even a chili dipping sauce.. so pretty as appies when they are small..
    I hope you like them.

  3. This is one of my absolute favorite things in the world. I crave them!! I have never made them at home though. Guess I should give it a try. Yours look so pretty! Good Job Miss Monique :-)

  4. Suzy..easy peazy..Truly..! I can help if you want:)

  5. I have the rice papers since a year ago but I need to find a recipe. I need instructions :) Do you have a favorite?

    I love Italy in your sidebar!

  6. Gorgeous photo... the translucent papers with the different veggies showing through is so lovely.

    Monique, you make it all sound so easy...

  7. never heard of them before, but you certainly made them pretty!

  8. M, you make them look so easy! I have never seen the rice papers before, I will have to pay closer attention at the store..surely they should be by the wonton wrappers. I like Kathleens idea of chicken also... now I'm hungry!!

    Your photo was perfect ;)

  9. I've never made these before but they look quick and easy. I love all the tastes and textures. And a dipping sauce too! Heaven.

  10. Mmmm...these would be perfect for lunch today...what a lovely place you have here. Just beautiful!

  11. I have never seen these before but they sure do sound good. I will have to see if rice papers are something available around here as well.

  12. Oh boy! I have always wanted to make these but never have. YUMMO!

  13. Monique, perfection! Always! I so love your style! ;-)

  14. Your spin on Vietnamese Goi Cuon(Summer Rolls) look just lovely...they are a family favorite here no matter what the season!
    We love them with peanut sauce...delicious! Beautiful pictures!

  15. Thanks!

    Jayne..BTW I love your style so much too.
    So nice.

    Linda.. love the real name of these..so pretty..merçi!

    Your blog is lovely too..!
    I will visit again and again!
    Kellypea..I tried to see yours but couldn't:(

    Greg..I can just imagine how great you would make these.A la Greg for sure!

  16. Gorgeous! These are one of my family favorites with the peanut sauce! Really great to see!! We keep the rice papers on hand. stink. NOW I can't stop thinking about them. I may need to make them for dinner tonight.