Monday, January 19, 2009

Soupe De Lundi~

I have many little odds and ends in the fridge.
It's still soup days here with the weather,so I thought of one of my favorites..Minestrone.
You can literally put whatever you like in yours.I put what I have handy..
Instead of starting with just haricots blancs.. I took a mix that I have..

I love their different shapes and sizes and colors.Personality plus~
I also use an idea I read in Josée Di Stasio's of them.. about saving the ends or your Parmigiano..etc cheese and putting them in your soup while it simmers ..removing them before serving..

They impart a wonderful flavor to the soup.

Nothing warms me up like soup..and satisfies me for the whole afternoon.

This is how I make mine.

I put ap. one cup of mixed beans in a pot of water...and 2 of my home grown bay leaves(I like that)
I cook them for ap 40 mins..adding salt halfway.
Drain the water.
Add your chicken my case ap. 4 cups.
Add one chopped onion
some celery root chopped
some sliced carrots
one chopped potato
some savoy cabbage
the cheese
some chopped parsley
my salted herbs
Season w/ pepper to taste.
Simmer ap 20 mins..till vegetables are fork tender.


  1. FABULOUS nana! we ate that all weekend too~ always gorgeous pics~

  2. How resourceful of you!! Looks great...

  3. Wonderful looking soup and such a great presentation. Why don't you leave the cheese in...does it get too rubbery?

  4. Beautiful, Monique...
    I was going to ask the same question...I grated mine in the proc for the soup off. a bit of brie that was getting dry...

  5. In this weather, I don't think that you can ever have too much soup. ... I love the collage. Cabbage sounds like a nice addition.

  6. Even though the cheese simmers..the crust is virtually inedible..It's like a piece of rubber:) Like a brick when you put it in..rubber after the simmer..the cheese that can melt left falls off.:)
    They don't even grind in a processor.The blade would break..

  7. Healthy and Delicious.
    Give me some!