Thursday, January 1, 2009


I enjoy tea..I probably prefer coffee..but I like the prettiness of tea..All kinds..Little sachets..blooming teas..infused teas..and this tea..Tea Forté~

I think what got to me first was the leaf at the end of the tea bag:)

Each little pyramid shaped bag has a leaf at it's very's bottom sits in your cup infusing it with special blends..

All kinds of accessories can be added..the little trays..
the beautiful white individual teacup with lid..I see they have red now too.. little clear packs..
I think they make great gifts..and I like looking at them too~
I keep mine out on a corner shelf in the kitchen~

If you need a special gift.. I suggest a few sachets and the big white cup w/ lid:) Or a couple of trays with a few sachets..they also have gift sets..

Tea Forté


  1. Darling post :)

    I had to click on the picture to get a better look at the cup and saucer. .. very elegant.

    The leaf IS an eye catcher. ... Very upscale tea !

  2. Lovely packaging and wonderful photos as always.

    A beautiful little gift for someone special.

  3. how cute, i learn so much from you! i still love your blooming tea the most~

  4. I adore them! Someone was just asking me if I had seen the pyramid tea bags with the little hook but I had not - until now :) I haven't seen them offered in stores that I have seen anyway.

    I love tea.

  5. I've seen those pretty little pyramids somewhere :-) A co-worker gifted me with blooming tea, but I need a clear teapot for the presentation. Is that what you use?

  6. Susan..I bought myself a prezzie today..C took me shopping and I was very disappointed to not find my little desktop Mary Engelbreight calendar..We found a red Teaforté gift set 50% off and since I didn't have the big cup..I bought it..I did:) They are sold online too..did you click on my link?

    Debbie..yes I use clear pots..I'll do a post on them..
    So good and so pretty.

    PS even Lipton has little pyramids now..they're not the same leaves...

  7. I too love tea of all kinds. My best friend just bought me the apple variety of Tea forte, and it was so delicious and special to sip on.

  8. Very pretty tea sets! I remember your blooming teas, too, so pretty!

    Funny how artistic, tea and coffee can be in the right hands :)

  9. Oh yes! We're fans of Tea Forté, too.

    You presented it so beautifully, Monique. The people at Tea Forté should hire YOU to promote their products. Beautiful job!

  10. Learning so many things...Twinings English Breakfast is about as exotic as I get!

  11. I'll look forward to your post on the clear pots. Do you have the large pot, enough for a few cups at a time?