Thursday, October 22, 2009

Soupe Tonkinoise ~ My Way~

I just had to share a new mug I received as a a gift~♥
From one of my alphabet boy's mommy.
It's not even close~To the REAL soupe Tonkinoise~But us it works~
It varies w/ what I have on hand~
It was w/ turkey broth and turkey..and special noodles and dumplings~

It's us~ "Us" when I am starving and want crisp and clean and fresh~

When I want comfort in a big bowl w/ slots for darling chopsticks:) and a trip to the closest Orient:)

At home~

Warm and soothing and full of flavor~
We add soya sauce too:)

I even order this out..

It's nice to be "relaxed" at home..enjoying it:)

I made turkey broth from our TG turkey and saved it..and some thinly sliced turkey:)

I prepped the noodles..according to the polite instructions~

And take great pleasure in stirring w/ chopsticks because of the gracious please:)

Who could resist?

I had little won tons ...home made... frozen..:)And added..not Tonkinoise at all! But I was throwing caution to the wind:)

Added green onions.. and some ginger..very little as there was some in the wontons..

I warmed the bowls.. and placed everything..added the chopsticks please..and thanked myself~


  1. Monique, it isn't even 6:30 AM and yet here I am craving your soup. A bowl full of comfort.

    Have I told you lately how much I love your blog? You have the most gracious way of expressing yourself.

  2. That mug is precious! That soup is inviting! With delectable wontons ... oh Monique, I wish I was there to eat with you. You make the soup, I bring the chilli dip ;)

  3. hey, i ditto ann on the time and desire, and gushing! and i love your new mug~

  4. I'm also going to make your "us" looks delicious and light and perfect for enjoying something without worrying it going straight to the hips(getting harder and harder for me to control these hips!!)

  5. Ce n'est plus une recette de soupe mais une vraie poésie, c'est tellement agréable, je n'ai qu'une envie la déguster, je note la recette,
    Ton mug est superbe
    Bonne après midi

  6. I don't even know what Tonknoise is supposed to be, but I'm loving what you've put in that bowl (which I also love, btw).

    What a sweet mug. I'm sure your morning coffee/ tea will taste that much better!!

  7. I have the worst cold and that soup would go down nice and easy right about now...
    Won ton and noodle soup is one of my very favorites...and yours looks even better than one from my favorite restaurant...

    I ditto the other girlfriends:)...stopping here always gives me a warm feeling like I have just had a big hug and a smile.

  8. les photos de ce blog sont extraodinaires, les enfants sont magnifqiues et les photos de cette recette.. bravo

  9. Quelle belle tasse, c'est un beau cadeau. J'ai bien faire la soupe Won Ton, c'est tellement bon.

  10. J'apprécie les gentils commentaires.. Des rayons de soleil~C'est de même pour moi..en vous visitant..Colargol vos petits enfants sont délicieux de même que vos Miss Kitty:) La patience et le doigté!!!!

    I get the same uplifting feelings w/ you:)

    It's so nice to share same hobbies:)

  11. Those instructions are too cute :)
    That soup looks yummy! Would've been especially nice today, I seem to have caught Noah's cold...

  12. Love soup -- and just the picture of yours warms the soul on this gray chilly dreary rainy October day!

  13. what a comforting looking soup :) and the instructions are indeed polite. I smiled when I read the 'please stir with chopsticks.'.so adorable:))

    love the mug...pretty colours and words :))

  14. What a beautiful mug!!!

    Your soup looks as real good comfort food!


  15. I am so glad I found this blog! Your pictures are just awesome and so is the food. The nut encrusted pear had me drooling all over!!!!I'll be back!!!

  16. The soup looks wonderful. I also love your mug! how cute.

  17. Merci Nana, d'être venue commenter chez moi, c'est très apprécié! Évidement je connais ton blog depuis un bon moment, mais je ne suis pas certaine avoir osé le commenter auparavant... Enfin, aujourd'hui j'avoue non seulement être en amour avec cette superbe tasse qu'on t'a offerte (je suis jalouse en fait!), mais je t'envie terriblement ton oiseau à tarte (et je comprends que tu aies étirée la sauce pour lui!!! LOL).
    Maintenant que la glace est brisée... j'oserai plus souvent! :)
    Bravo pour ton superbe blog et toute ses belles recettes!

  18. Darling mug!

    Ooh, and your pretty soup would be perfect for this damp and foggy day.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend. xo

  19. J'aime beaucoup ton mug mais ta soupe me fait encore plus craquer.

  20. Oh my goodness! I love your bowls with the chopstick slots!

  21. What a charming post and very nice directions. That is my favorite soup when I am sick or blue, always makes me feel a little better. I do believe I shall be thinking Soupe Tonkinoise tomorrow. Lovely weekend to you, Monique. xo~t

  22. I'm saving this recipe to make after our Thanksgiving in Nov. It looks & sounds luscious!

    Any chance you can let us know from where your mug was purchased? I'd LOVE to have one, even if I have to buy it for myself.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes & photos....its always such a pleasure to visit your blog. :D

    ♥ Rettabug

  23. Have a wonderful weekend~
    I will look for the name on my mug and be back...

    Yes that's it..Hallmark..I thought I had removed a sticker..and the Hallmark emblem is still at the bottom:)
    I have never forgotten their slogan.."When You care enough to send the very best:)"Catchy:)
    Thank you I'll be peeking at some new blogs this am:)
    If you have not yet discovered L a Casserole Carré plan a trip..I have been:)
    I spent a lovely hour plus scrolling and saving~

  24. Merci Nana! I shall investigate both the Hallmark site as well as L a Casserole Carrée.

    I appreciate your help & advice so much.


  25. I just looked at your cute blog..You need that mug:) What a treat for your grandchildren that birthday was!

  26. Thank you for your kind words! I had a great deal of fun creating it all.
    To answer your question regarding the white smocked bishop, yes I did make it as well as the brown & pink polka-dot. A photo of Caroline wearing it will be in an upcoming issue of Australian Smocking & Embroidery, which featured the dress & the smocking pattern earlier this year. It was a true labor of love, as the brown twill was very difficult to smock as well as see the stitches. My hands ached for weeks afterwards!!
    What we do for our grands, huh?


  27. Your soup, it is so simple and comforting, but you being you it's elegant too. And my mother would love that mug, she is also a Nana.

  28. Nana, I'm swooning over your soup - and your photos! I would love a recipe, if you have a minute. And if you have a recipe for pho, while you're at it, I've been frustrated by my Google searches for it. Why do I have a feeling you would certainly have the best recipe? Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  29. Oh, it's almost dinnertime and I so want your soup! Something warm and light. The air outside is crisp with rain in the forecast...I wish I had room service;-)


  30. I'm still missing Japanese food and this makes me want to go and find my chopsticks. Thanks for the recipe--it looks delicious!