Friday, October 9, 2009

Food And Drink And Duck~

I LOVE this magazine~

We went to the market a couple of weeks ago and I had bought some deliciously sweet fresh carrots~

Can a carrot be more beautiful?:)

Anyway..we decided to make this issue's of Food and Drink....Autumn 2009~ Duck..

Forgive the photo..after inhaling the aroma.. while it cooked.. and braised..I could not stand to wait to get a photogenic shot of the dish ~

It is bone licking good..ok bone sucking good~

Fall off the bone.. licking good~

I will scan and post if anyone is interested..I can't find the Autumn 2009 recipe section yet online..but it is coming.. go look at their beautiful recipes and photos..

Did we like it?:)

The duck is seized..then braised w/ plums and raspberries and juniper berries and star anise.. syrah.. etc..

Then cooled ..and strained and baked again to crisp.Topped w/ some fresh plums and raspberries..and a bit of sauce..
I love duck now..Since my trip to Morocco at Nancy's and now Ontario's LCBO:)


  1. I love duck! The French restaurant where my new mommy DD works as the catering director has the best duck I have ever tasted. It's something I rarely attempt to make at home, however, so yes, please scan and post the recipe! Pretty please :)

  2. Quoi de mieux qu'une photo d'un plat complètement englouti !
    j'espère que tu pourras nous donner cette recette
    Je vais essayer d'aller sur ce site
    Bonne soirée

  3. I love duck though I've not been ambitious enough to cook it at home... yet! What a lovely looking dinner. I'm looking forward to trying the recipe!

  4. I've never prepared duck at home but would love to give your recipe a try.

  5. Done..I hope you like it as much as we do~:)

  6. Ok I do not even like duck...but I would surely love it at your house...
    that looks amazing!

  7. I don't cook duck but it's delicious. What a great meal. Those carotts look so yummy.

  8. I like duck, but I haven't dared venture into cooking it. If not done properly, there will be a gamey taste and smell. It sure takes some skill and technique to get it done perfect! I can imagine the flavours that have gone into your dish, M. Am not surprised it was finished up pronto! Those carrots are so beautiful. Nature's beauty captured perfectly by you.

  9. Gorgeous. Love the nasturtium flower garnish!

  10. I'll pass on the duck because I'm still staring at the carrots - they do look lovely.

    Have a wonderful weekend and I LOVE the pics of your little loves - especially the piano one.

    Am gonna post one Saturday of my baby in a basket - well, my daughter's little guy. Aren't they all just so amazing?


  11. We're starting to get canard in the supermarket. This looks like a perfect recipe for them! I love the dry rub--it looks perfect for the duck.

    Thanks for posting this!

  12. Oh, that looks fabulous Nana. We get duck legs in the supermarket all the time here. I know what I am going to do with them next time!! I am drooling at the thought! Fantastic!

  13. I seldom eat duck but that dish looks perfectly delish. And the carrots look good enough to eat raw!
    I can imagine you licking it to the bone...MMMMMMMM :)

  14. I can Not wait to try this. I love duck and for some reason don't seem to cook it at home. How silly! I love the second photo the best!!

  15. Oh yummy, what a great recipe, the carrots look so good too! Nothing like the fresh food from the Market!!!!
    I just bought a side of organic pork in effort to help the Pork Farmers, it is so good, I may have to post a recipe. Of course I won't have fabulous pictures like yours!!!!!
    Margaret B