Friday, October 2, 2009

Can you Cannelé?

I CAN now:)I used a Marmiton recipe..and the new silicone pan I bought thanks so much to Les Gourmandises d'Isa..

They are sweet little things..I bought the smallest mold.. Crunchy outside..and sooo soft inside..

Isa was right..I could not go away with just 1 mold:) I will return in The New Year also !..I can't thank her enough for the suggestion..I hope you have been to her blog..I drop by every day~
I learn something new.. see pretty things..
They puff up when baking and slip back in:)


They remind me so much of France~

Une petite partie de moi est encore ... en France~
You don't need to save the mold strictly for this recipe..I also made Isa's Quatre Quarts cake one day..I halved the recipe and it made a full tray~

Delicious little plum cakes..with almonds again~

I had printed up a few of her recipes one day and made 2 the evening my husband was out~

I am certain many cakes would work and I love the petite portions.. They are really small:)

Bon Weekend~


  1. aren't they pretty little things! love the pics of france, some are new to me~

  2. OH M!..cutest cakes I've ever all the shots ...I dream everytime I'm here, have the weekend of weekends, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. I've been eyeing the cannelle recipe in the Martha Stewart Baking book. I've never had them but they look so delicious! I would love them, I know. I will follow your recipe... once I buy the mold! You are enabling my kitchen tool addiction, Mme. M! ;-)

  4. So pretty and petite :) Love your photos!

  5. I love pretty, petite and delicious :) Your new molds are so cute!

  6. These little cakes bring back wonderful memories of Paris. And to be able to make them at home...amazing.

  7. Mon dieu que tu es gentille Monique :)
    tes cannelés sont vraiment magnifiques, comme tout ce qu'il y a sur ton blog !
    merci encore :)

  8. These little morsels are sooooo pretty!!

  9. Comme d'habitude, des photos somptueuses, je pourrais presque toucher les cannelés à travers l'écran
    Je me promène aussi sur le blog les gourmandises d'Isa, il est très sympa,
    Bonne soirée

  10. I love canneles! I almost bought one in Paris yesterday...I know I will tomorrow. I try and maintain some self discipline ;-)) Now I have to give in...they are such a small indulgence.

    Thanks for the recipe!


  11. Il sont ... à croquer! Me font vraiment envie et je me demande pourquoi moi aussi je n'utilise pas mes mini moules en silicone !!! C'est si facile pourtant ! Merci pour la motivation et le partage de si jolies photos!

  12. oh la la! les canneles! i love them, these look great, what an amazing recipe! very well done!

    cheers from london,


  13. ooh I love canneles! I love the contrast of the crunchy shell with the soft insides. I've been wanting to make them for a few months now, but I've yet to buy any molds. Every part of me wants the copper ones, but they are SO expensive! Even the tin ones are pricey!

    Yours look beautiful :)

  14. Monique, I always wonder how you continue to find and produce such gorgeous, delicious things. These are no exception! I love the idea of using these molds to make small cakes--especially with plums hidden inside!

  15. Thank you..Jayme I too dreamt of the copper ones:) Too dear for me so late in my life:)Isa.. c'est toi si gentille de tout partager!

    I find these silicone molds top quality I have bought others that's just don't compare..they are made in Italy..Silikomart..I came home w/ the small catalog.. dangerous..


  16. These are gorgeous! I love miniture cakes and these look perfectly elegant.

  17. Hi Monique,
    These are such cute petite cakes. I think little things sometimes taste better, they sure are cuter and maybe I could eat two? Off to check out the link as I'm not familiar with the blog... as always, thank you for sharing. You're a sweetheart. Missed chatting the last few weeks.

  18. Reviens vite par ici ... On te fera visiter ce que tu n'as pas encore vu ! ;o)

  19. Never had cannelés before. C'est ou qu'on achète ces moules pour les cannelés?

  20. Just Lovely Monique!! I love any kind of mini cake - both eating and making them.