Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To The Pleasure Of Eating Well..

Or Au plaisir de bien manger..

Sunday..before my day started out and about I read her blog and her apple pie was the apple of my eye!

Instead of blackbird..whitebird:)

I know this "billet" is long winged:)

But I loved the light..the pie.. the bird!

La recette~

Enough pie dough for 2 large pies

ap 10-12 apples.. core removed,peeled and cut up.
1 1/3 cups white sugar
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup heavy cream
2 tbsps of butter
1 tsp cinnamon(I put more..and added cardamom because I am a very big fan)
2 tbsbs flour
For top.. beaten egg mixed with some water and sugar
Prepare your pies by lacing the bottom crust.. Mix all app;e pie filling ings and bring to a simmer let cook ap 15 mins..let cool..

Fill pies and top..Bake at 350 ap 20 minutes..I did 375 and it took a bit longer,my oven seems to do that.

From the moment I read her post..I just knew!!

that the recipe would win me over..

I have accumulated very many apple pies..my daughter's crumb top being my favorite..Kim's brown bag one being a close second if not equal..and now this one..:)

who says you cannot teach an old dog new tricks? Not my favorite saying by the way:)

Elle est croquante et craquante sa tarte:) Thank you!!!!

Un coup de coeur!

An affair of the heart....

With or without the bird:)


  1. It's soooo cuuute!!! My gosh, my kids will go wild over this ;) That apple ... it's in a pristine shade of white. Lovely, Monique!

  2. The little bird looks like it is singing. Happy to be perched in your beautiful pie.

  3. Oh my other favorite Nana....this is scrumpious-itdly upscous and I'm coming over for a piece to sit down and chat with you about how wonderful grandkiddos are.

    may your day be blessed with everything you do! xoxo lylah

  4. Avec ou sans oiseau, je veux bien un petit (même un grand) morceau de ton apple pie, tu as raison, tes photos sont superbes

  5. so pretty, i would like a slab plesase, mmm sorry, i mean a piece, i need to be more lady like here!

  6. Such a beautiful apple pie! I love the frilly edges et ton oiseau d'amour dans la coeur :) I've never tried cardamom in apple pie - I must try it.

  7. I'd sing, too, if I were perched on that gorgeous pie!
    xo Isa

  8. It's hard to pick a favorite, but the beauty of the sugar sparkles and the white birdie put this one at the top of the list...at least for today!

  9. Free Bird comes to mind when I look at these pictures.
    Regardless of the fact I'm living in the 70's, I do find that cute little bird to be the apple pies' crowning glory.

    And speaking of apples, I am the proud owner of an apple tree. An apple tree with only 12 apples on it, mind you. But an apple tree to call my own (says Sol, preening her feathers proudly). If we hadn't gone for a walk in our woods this fall, we would've missed that little treasure.

    In any case, my dear friend, your little bird is singing praises for your pies, and your lovely photography.

  10. Looks lovely, Monique...such a pretty pie!

  11. I so rarely bake.

    I shall live vicariously thru your flour. ha.

    : )

  12. Avec l'oiseau et la lumière, pour moi ! Tout cela va si bien ensemble !

  13. Bonne Journée.. It was a fun pie to make w/ the baked filling..none of our others had that.
    New things..always fun..Thank you~

  14. Merci beaucoup pour le clin d'oeil et je suis très heureuse que cette tarte est fait fureur autant que chez moi.

    Passe une belle journée.
    Josée xx

  15. This is beautiful M...I am always in search of the perfect apple pie...
    I will be trying this one soon!
    Gorgeous pics as always....made me smile this morning!

  16. A truly gorgeous pie, and that sugary crust...!! I've never seen a lovely little white pie bird before. So sweet.

  17. can't wait to try this! did you use 9-inch pie plates? thank you.

  18. the photos are gorgeous! the pie looks even more gorgeous! wow!

  19. Hi Monique,

    I want my pie to look like yours! And now I want one of those birdies.

    My cookie cutter arrived from Germany yesterday. I am so excited!


  20. What a beautiful white bird. Looks so angelic :) and the pie is beautiful too. Such lovely pics again :))

  21. Stunning photos and a beautiful pie. Your writing is always so romantic! J'adore!

  22. It's so funny ..if I buy or peruse a new cookbook of my choice..it's never as informative or inspiring as all your foods:)

    Have a great day~

  23. J'ai bien ce blog, elle vient de la même ville que moi, St-Hyacinthe. Quelle délicieuse tarte tu as fait.

  24. Oh my, a friend gave me one of those birdies a few years ago, I have always wondered what it was!!!!
    I thank you for sharing the delicious recipe!!!
    Margaret B

  25. Your posts are always so creative. I'll have to try making this pie. Looks divine.