Friday, October 16, 2009

La Belle et La Bête~ Beauty and the Beast~

Yesterday was finally glorious.. from morning till sunset~

It's been a while..that all day had sun~Everything is extraordinarily gorgeous in fall w/ sunshine~
I saw a sweet client today... and her views.. are incredilicious~

The sunny morning was spent w/ Olivier and Maxime and their mommy..

Before leaving.. I had started to prepare what I thought would be a beauty of a treat(s) for my husband..Les Belles Poires d'Hélène~
The main meal.. Turkey pot easy for me:)

Thanks to Mary ..I have the perfect little dishes for one of my all time favorite meals..chicken/turkey..pot pies~
They are a long way from Swanson's of our youth~

The turkey was already cooked..and chunked.. I sautéed the shallots..potatoes..carrots.. broccoli..garlic.. added the turkey stock after fluffing w/ salt and pepper and flour..:) Done~ Added parsley, sage ,rosemary and thyme..:)And then let rest until I was ready to cover w/ puff pastry later in the day~

Meanwhile I tried to make the beauties Hélène had made..Les Belles Poires~

But do them her way.. forget about soft ganache because you have tried to make your own walnut cream:(It will only ooze everywhere and all the time you took to poach and pretty up w/pistachios will be lost in the wind~

That's why hers..are the beauties and mine are the beasts:)

But the taste? DIVINE:) I hope half as good as hers:)My husband even had some after he ate my daughters 2 delicious mini crumb top apple pies:)

I loved the light in the kitchen today~

When the sun is so bright and the leaves so colorful! Enough to make the roosters crow:)

And the pot pies sing~ of my favorite meals on earth~Comfort food.. to match the fall foliage skies and crisp air~jean jackets and peaked caps:)


  1. another glorious post... fall is abundant there isn't it, l looks so manly in the woods~

    i am craving chicken pot pie, next week for sure. it all looks magnificant here, as usual!

  2. opps, i love your pear too, pure art!

  3. M, this post just made me smile in your words and photos...almost like we were there sharing it with you...

  4. Oh, what ethereal photos! They look like from a postcard. I LOVE the white light of the kitchen. I am glad Jacques has recovered and eating well ;) What you made is BEAUTIFUL comfort food, Monique!

    PS: That little boy is ADORABLE!! Is he Max?

  5. That's Noah Ju.. he turned 1 July 4th:) He's the piano man..this is him at Thanksgiving at our home..:)

    Thank you.. A good day ahead again here..sun..~And maybe a day off!! Soupe Tonkinoise which will never look like Ju's.. what a soup w/ the prawns!!!and dinner from my daughter..and an hors d'oeuvre from a client:)

  6. J'ai noté cette recette de poire chez Hélène
    Mais comme à chaque fois c'est un tel ravissement de se promener sur ton blog, tes photos, ton humeur, un vrai bonheur !

  7. Autumn in all of its glory - you beautifully summed it up in food, in photos and location - gorgeous. I love the collage, and as always, I leave here starving due to your divine culinary delights hehe.
    xo Isa

  8. M.. every photo catches my heart more then the one before it...and then....little Noah in his cap!...I just want to kiss those precious cheeks and snuggle that neck...I loved your chicken dished comfort food, but my heart belongs to those Cheeks!!!! What a gift! xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  9. There's nothing wrong with that Poire Helene. It looks absolutely delicious!
    I wouldn't mind having one of those chicken pot pies for dinner tonight.

  10. Quelles jolies photos ! Ce petit garçon est tout à fait adorable ! Tes poires sont belles aussi. ma pauvre, tu as tenté une crème de noix ? Moi, après t'avoir lue, je crois que je m'en tiendrai à la recette basique dès que je n'aurai plus de ce délice dans mon pot !
    Même sans, d'ailleurs, ce dessert est divin ...
    Bisous à toi et à Monsieur, qui me semble être bien gourmand

  11. Thanks for letting us know that even you make little mistakes, I think the pears still look scrumptious. Noah what a beauty...such a precious boy. A beautiful kitchen pic and a lovely post.

  12. I love Poires Belle Hélène & chicken pot pie. Can't go wrong with these on the menu. Everything you make looks so delicious. Love the pictures.

  13. Oui Hélène Noah est croquant.. :) Et oui Monsieur est heureusemant gourmand..Mince.. "fit" mais gourmand..modéré:)Pas à journée longue:)Que ferais-je sans un gourmand:)?Tu es gentille car j'avoue que ma poire a besoin d'un " lifting:) "!

    Thank you..Have a great weekend everyone:)~

  14. Goodness, is the place where you live in the real world? It is like a dream. Beautiful pot pies too!

  15. So pretty! And the sweet...
    I like the pear..and yes, time to pull out the little red hens!
    Enjoy the October days before the gray of Nov sets in..:(

  16. What a beautiful place you live in...heavenly. And i'm glad your husband's feeling better...esp with your tender loving care and cooking.

    The pears are beautiful too :))) gorgeous photos!

  17. Beautiful post nana. I loved all the pictures, and that pot pie and those pears. Well, suffice it to say I am drooling here!!!

  18. M...your pie looks wonderful. Probably my favorite comfort food. The pear looks heavenly...
    But what I would really like is a taste of that baby's looks most delicious!
    Oy is he magnificent! All of your boys are...
    Cheers for a wonderful weekend!

  19. Every time I visit your blog I feel your strong sense of family and love of life! Your beautiful countryside feels like fall...gorgeous.

    Chicken pot pies...wonderful comfort on a cool evening. The pears...delightful. I have an abundance of pears I wonder if I could do it...

  20. Everything SO delicious and SO compose your blog like a harmonious symphnony!

  21. Lovely beyond words. Almost.
    I have to say the chicken pot pie, the pears, and that sunny kitchen window, made me sing.
    But the little guy dressed in blue, well, he led the entire orchestra.


  22. Gorgeous meal, as always! And your Poires Belle Helene sont magnifique et terriblement belles! Toutes habillées pour une fête!

  23. I don't think I could ever stop blogging:) You are all so nice.