Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nanas teaching Nanas:)

I've known Susan at Savoring Time In The Kitchen... for many years now through the WWWW(Wonderful Wide World of the Web)..She is the new Nana to Baby may remember my posting about the wonderful event lately:)

When I saw her latest post..I just knew I had 2 delicious little candidates for these:)So.. case in point..a Nana teaching a Nana new tips:)
I was going to make her gourmet Fleur De Sel recipe..But I picked up a little Gourmet Kit at a store I went to Tuesday..and when I had the opportunity of seeing the little ones yesterday..I grabbed the kit:)

I urge you to take the time to make her recipe and not jump on a kit:) I believe in home made all the way..Time wasn't on my side:)

I had already purchased the ribbons and sprinkles..
I never made these for my own's amazing what you get away w/ as a nana:) I did know though..that Max would lick the sprinkles and Lulu would only take a few bites..That makes it all permissible:)

I know these boys..and although their eyes light up at treats.. they pace themselves nicely and don't over indulge:)ok.. cheesies and chips at parties don't count:)
I am so guilty too:)

So thank you Susan..The boys eyes did LIGHT UP!!
I was a happy camper:)

I must pay homage to a GREAT site here...That's where my Trick Or Treat came from..

The Graphics Fairy~

One of those lovely individuals who share and share and share~
(I have a list:))

It's that WWWW again~

Thank you~ Very Much.


  1. Yum yum and too sweet. I almost bought sprinkles like that when I was in the US but didn't and seeing this I am now sorry I didn't :-(

    Thanks for all the love while I was away. It is felt.

  2. how cute they follow nana's salty tooth too!

  3. Jamie you have Bulk Barn? They had some there also..:)The sprinkles...
    Thank you~

  4. Fleur de sel is something my sister has been urging me to make. Now I have no excuses ;) Honestly, Monique, who wouldn't light up at the sight of those cuties???

  5. Je viens d'aller me promener sur ce site, il est superbe, ton dessert aussi et depuis quelques jours je voulais te dire, mais j'oublie, la photo de "ton petit pomoculteur" est absolument fantastique !

  6. Those babies are so lucky to have you for a young and beautiful Nana...
    Thank you M. for all you share...
    I so appreciate it!

  7. oh so cute...I'd love one too :))

  8. Jamie.. if you wouldn't mind sharing from an open little package..I could send you some sprinkles.. I googled and see no Bulk Barns in Paris:)

    I wish I had a sealed little packet for you:)

    Sprinkles travel so well:)

    Thanks everyone..It's really fun being a nana.. So rewarding..It just feels like nothing else at our age:)

  9. My petits enfants are too far away for me to cook for them. I really miss being able to do that...

    These look fabulous. Caramel apples are the essence of autumn!

  10. How cute yours are with the 'Boo' ribbons and Halloween sprinkles! One day my little Mack will be old enough to try one :)

    You've been a wonderful Nana inspiration to me over the years ~ I'm so happy I could return the favor for once!


  11. PS...Great site! I just bookmarked it to my Favorites :)

  12. Oh, Monique what a special post ... You did a lovely variation of Susan's beautiful apples. I'm sure your older petits garçons will enjoy every bite.

    I love your sidebar with glimpses of the little ones.

  13. What clever sprnkles -- what child wouldn't love those!

  14. These look so yummy, I may try them with my little granddaughter this weekend!!!
    I love all your posts, the pies look so wonderful and I can almost smell and taste the delicious soup!
    I tried to do the bread painting, it sort of worked, I don't think I have quite your artistic hand though!!!
    Thank you for inspiring me to try it!!!
    Margaret B

  15. Just the cutest sprinkles I have ever seen! Mine are grown up but I do have your photos!

  16. Definitely cute! Great idea for kids. This would be a perfect Halloween treat,

  17. This is so cute, who can resist this treat. I love the idea.

  18. Caramel apples are the perfect fall treat...little ones and big ones love them equally, don't you think? The grands love baking.... doesn't matter what it is , they just love being in the kitchen. I love having them there. Yes did you find me? I don't know either but soooo glad you did!, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  19. Have you tried it with forks instead of the wooden sticks?
    Someone suggested it to me once and it helped the apples stay a little more stationary and everyone gets to take home a custom fork. :)

  20. I have the sprinkles--you talked me into it :)