Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Most Delicious Salad~

I have a new cookbook..I have been waiting for this one..I had been fortunate enough to see the "proof" and knew I would love to add it to my collection..I really don't have that many cookbooks..I have my mom's Jéhane Benoit's.. a few that my husband bought me the first few years of our marriage:)Pol Martin.. etc:)People used to go to his office and sell them.. he knew I needed all the help I could get~ Truly....

I have some that clients have offered me.. some I have picked up..and some from friends..
But many I gave to my daughters in a bag or two the last time we moved ..I don't know if they kept them..
But I do have 2 bookshelves w/ books and 2 drawers filled w/ cut outs and printeds:)

I have one from Jain about California Cuisine and Mary Screen Doors and Sweet Tea..where my polka dot shortbreads originated:) and one I bought on Hélène's recommendation that I love:)La Cuisine Des Fées~I like looking at cookbooks..no..I love looking at cookbooks..

I nearly forgot the recent Moroccan one:)
My husband said I can't love something..I can like it..I said have you read my blog? I LOVE:) He knows..and he reads it~

In a nutshell 2 bookshelves.
This is my latest aquisition and it is stunning..

Maria Loggia.

I made her Pear and Beet salad and it is delicious~

I perused the book the evening I received it.A wet rainy October night by the fire~
What a treat!!
It is just great.I bought the English version as it was the original version..but it is available in French and I first saw it in French at a lovely bookstore a friend took me to.

The recipe seems long but it's not really..

It's a matter of blanching your mandolined pears in a syrup comprised of water, sugar and cinnamon,cardamom , lemon juice and rind.. clove.. then baking them on parchment until crisp..turning over once..next time I would not slice as thinly w/ my mandoline~

The beets are roasted at 425 in foil w/ EVOO , a bay leaf and thyme..garlic..s and p..~She called for red but I had rich orangey golden ones..

Cooled..then peeled and thinly sliced..
The recipe adds goat cheese and hazelnuts..I used a soft cheddar and toasted pine nuts..
The recipe calls for mâche..I had arugula and Boston..
The dressing is Sherry Vinegar..Evoo ,garlic,Dijon ,hazelnut oil salt and pepper..
On a large platter or in ind. bowls you arrange the sliced beets in a concentric form overlapping slightly..add your mâche..scatter the pears..add goat cheese and nuts..Drizzle w/ dressing and serve immediately.
I will make this again:)


  1. Tes photos sont somptueuses, on n'a qu'une envie, déguster tes plats délicatement, savoureusement, avec tendresse !
    Un grand moment!

  2. that is just gorgeous! i am sitting here shocked by a cold rainy night by the fire still... and you have already had snow! for a moment i thought it was persimmons~ another gorgeous composistion.

  3. Oh Yummy!! I just love to slice fruit and dry it, to use as garnish like the pears. This book looks so interesting, I love, yes love, cookbooks, I read them like novels!!
    This salad looks delicious, thank you for sharing the lovely photos!
    Margaret B

  4. Your salad is a work of art, Miss M. The pear slices are perfect. A good cookbook is a real treasure.

  5. That is one seriously beautiful salad!

  6. I think I would love this salad, too. You must tell your dear husband that we women can be highly emotional about our food! ;D

  7. Monique, that is a salad that I would love. Yellow beets are a favourite. As always your photos are incredible.

  8. The salad looks beautiful. Your post made me chuckle...the part about your husband. Yes, I believe that LOVE is the correct word here. :) Other things, maybe not. So many recipes I want to try on your blog.

  9. I swear Monique, everytime I come here I just go, "Wow wow wow!". This time is no exception. And I think you can love cookbooks! I really do.

    I'm curious, would you share what camera and lense you shoot with please? I can usually tell what people are shooting with, but because your shots are so close to their subject I have no idea.

    I'm guessing a Nikon, but of course could be wrong.


  10. Oh! What a nice salad...love the way you decorated with dry apple, looks delicious :-)

  11. Lovely salad. Pear slices delightful..Cookbooks are like novels that can be read again and again..there is always something new.

  12. A delightful salad that is picture perfect! I completely understand what you meant when you said it was a treat to sit by the fire and peruse your book. Did you have your hot drink by your side? ;) We are going to get wet and cool weather soon in Singapore (nothing like Canadian winters, though!) and I LOVE curled on the sofa reading a nice book while the children play around me. Bonne Journee!

  13. M...Lovely salad...enjoy your new cookbook! The dried apple slices take me back to our farm days....We converted and antique chicken brooder into a food dehydrator...I could dry 1/2 bushel at a time!!!! Great memories! Love your photos, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  14. It's uncanny years ago I had a food dehydrator and gave it away.It worked so well too!

    Hi Laura Flowers cause I love saying that:) All trip photos Europe..the beach..lavender fields are shot w/ a Sony DSC-H2.That's my compact point and shoot..no lenses etc~

    The food.. I use Canon XSI or Oly E 510.A mix of both..

    I am certain the Nikons are superb ..my addiction began w/ the Coolpix 950 then 4500.Their sweet spot for macros were amazing to me.

  15. Cette salade est superbe. Ça semble être un bon livre de recettes.

  16. Hélène..si jamais le coeur vous en dit... Avec 10 autres personnes..Nous ferons un groupe et nous aurons un cours..
    Elle est sympa.. et vraiment..tout vaut le moment!

  17. What a lovely and beautiful recipe Monique! ...wh reminds me I must buy a mandolin.. I need one :) The sliced pears boiled and baked look so dainty and translucent.

    If it was a cold october nite I wld certainly curl up n read a good book by the fire..how cosy n relaxing...:))

  18. I know I would love your beautiful salad - so pretty and I love all the ingredients!

  19. Wow what a fabulous mix of flavors! A gorgeous salad!

  20. What a beautiful salad Nana! It looks delicious! xxoo

  21. Delicious looking salad. Great for Thanksgiving, I just bookmarked it for the holiday. Thanks!