Monday, October 5, 2009

SoulFood #24~ Walk to town~

Not much sun these days in my little town..

But still I find everything is just perfection in October.The air~ The colors~The Streets Lined with leaves~
I took an art class once with a very well known painter..He said ..Fall was the only season that he loved to paint.. apart from water and boats~ I agree~

Walking to town~

Swoosh..Look Down~

Look Up~

To the right and then left:)

And straight ahead:)

C'est ma p'tite vie un dimanche après-midi~


I had no idea walking to town yesterday that I would come to my computer this morning to find a lovely surprise..

Hélène...announced the lucky person that will receive the giveaway of her beautiful brined turkey post~

I am grateful and over the moon Hélène..Thank you so much.If you have never had the pleasure of dropping by her Cuisine:) Do!


  1. Je repasse à tout hasard et trouve un autre billet ... QUelle chance ! Quelle chance tu as, surtout, d'avoir de si jolis automnes ... Ici, on passe de l'été à l'hiver sans transition. les feuilles restent vertes et tombent toutes un jour, lors d'une tempête de vent. ALors on dit que c'est l'hiver !
    Clément a de la chance aussi, il va voir un automne canadien près de Toronto dans juste trois semaines ...
    Je râle ... Je partirais bien à sa place ! ;o)
    Re-bises et bonne journée, puisque chez toi elle ne fait que commencer !

  2. Beautiful photos, Monique. Fall is my favorite time of year. The chill in the air and all the lovely colors...wonderful.

  3. What beautiful rich color! I see nothing like that here in Houston during the fall so it's nice to enjoy your pictures.

  4. Absolutely beautiful photographs. I love the one with the stone walls. Just a lovely blog.


  5. fall is my favorite season... and thru your eyes even more! i love when you share the water shots, you are so mum about all the beauty around you i forget... you are so busy creating beauty that i think i forget your life is awash in perfection~

    congrtas on your ca gift too, HOW FUN!

  6. I wish the fall colors would last much longer - it is such a beautiful time of year. Lovely photos, Ms M!

    Congrats on your win!

  7. Une superbe balade, des photos fantastiques, cette année, il fait encore doux pour la saison et nous n'avons pas encore toutes ses couleurs, ton ami peintre a raison, c'est une magnifique saison pour la peinture
    A bientôt

  8. Congrats, Monique! Those pictures are so beautiful they look like paintings. Can I walk with you? ;)

  9. Wow...what beautiful photos. You make it look so serene.

  10. I love the pic of the scarecrow with the pumpkins - cute!

  11. Thanks for letting me walk along with you into such a colorful world.

  12. Such lovely colors M. All is still green here with a hint of changes to come. #2 is my fav.

  13. I have been so busy w/ many things..the walk was very welcomed by me..Thanks so much for enjoying it along with me.I love my town..My friend sent me a song about this cause she knows I do..

    Have a great night!

  14. what an amazing town you live in so beautiful easy to be inspireed with such beauty around you all the time. Do you get snow in the winter?

  15. Oh Kim.. I get boatloads..some yrs..we have to shovel our roof 3 times.. Snowbanks higher than we are~

    I love all seasons here.. especially the first snowfall..:) By the 15th..snowfall..of importance..I wish we never had winter:)

  16. Oh such rich magical colors. The photographs are stunning. Our leaves haven't started turning yet.
    Yours are gorgeous.
    Happy Twirls

  17. M...I felt like a child kicking through your leaves and dancing down the street taking in all the richness of autumn...your shutter caught it all!!!!Happiness! xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  18. Your photos are amazing! You live in a very beautiful corner of the world. BTW I just placed my order for my mini-bordelais pan. I'm so excited!! Thank you for all your help :)

  19. oh, pooh. I posted here yesterday. Where is it? Gone in the internet black hole...

    I love fall. It's my favorite time of year. Your walk was lovely, and the only thing missing was that glorious smell of fallen leaves.

    Thanks for the stroll!

  20. Oh, what a nice prelude to the falling leaves here. We are about 3 weeks away, but looking at your pics, I can almost hear the rustle and smell the sweet scent of the drying leaves.

    Glad you enjoyed your walk and took us along!


  21. I talked to Epicure and goodies are on the way. So excited that you won.

  22. Your photos make me look forward to Autumn. It is still quite green here in the Sub Tropics - but soon - the leaves will start to turn.