Wednesday, October 14, 2009

La Belle Vie~ La Vie Est Belle~

Wednesday morning ..the sun was shining on our maple leaves..:) It was cold..but beautiful!
On my way to work..I picked up our mail.. and I had a notice..that the Post Office had a package for me:)Well..I could be late for work..I work minutes away ..:)

I thought that perhaps:) The gift I won at Hélène's beautiful blog..had arrived:)

Sure enough a heavy beautifully packed box from Victorian Epicure had arrived for me:)

I have linked Hélène's latest post of her you do not miss it..but it was an earlier post that had the contest:)

Again I don't know how I found Hélène this year..but I am so glad I did..the photos..the recipes.. the family:)

Apart from all the wonderful jars..and shakers..and brining bags..and pepper and jelly..etc..etc..I received..beautifully packed..

There was also a Brie/etc baker in my favorite kind of little bakers:)

I love the fact their name is on it~


You may remember a sweet client first introduced me to these products.. w/ the edible flowers..

and the very same day..Hélène spoke of them..

It was just a lucky day that day!!!

Love these products!!

Now I would love to dedicate a shelf in my pantry to them:) I will make a list soon:) I am so proud of everyone involved..and I am grateful:)~


  1. Oooh. Lucky you! It all looks so nice. Love receiving unexpected packages in the mail.

  2. So glad that you love your package. Thanks for the link and nice comments about my blog. That made my day. Hope you enjoy cooking with Epicure Selections as much as I do. Great pictures.

  3. Congratulations Mme. M!

    I know you'll have fun with all of those fabulous goodies.

    How sweet of dear Helene!


  4. Lucky you! Enjoy your wonderful gifts :) We all know they are in very, very good hands! :) Now I am wondering what beautiful dishes you are going to conjure up with them?

  5. What a lovely gift! Enjoy them..

  6. wow, c'est vrai que ça doit faire plaisir de recevoir un tel cadeau!!!

  7. oh they look wonderful, i know how thrilled you must be, lucky you!

  8. What a treat! Epicure selections has such a phenomenal variety of products.
    I know you'll have a wondrous time exploring new ways to use them in your recipes.

    Sweet wishes,

  9. What a beautiful win, how lucky are you!!!

  10. Une étagère sera-t-elle suffisante ? ;o)))
    Bisous et bonne journée

  11. C'est toujours agréable d'aller chercher un colis à la poste !

  12. Tu as été gâtée, la petite cocotte est très belle
    Grâce à toi je suis allée sur le blog d'Helene et j'ai notée sa recette de soupe à l'oignons, j'espère avoir le temps de la faire bientôt
    Belle et longue vie à toi

  13. What a fabulous package of goodies!
    I know you will use them well M., and share all you make with them ,with us...
    Enjoy each and every lovely item...
    I am so excited for you!

  14. Thanks for enjoying the package too..
    It really was quite fun..I showed one of my co workers also who thought everything looked great too.
    I wills hare what I make:) For sure!

  15. I know we will be seeing some wonderful things made with them! What a wonderful and thoughtful surprise :)

  16. Hello!
    Thank you for your adorable comment on my blog!
    What lovely surprise you received... can't wait to see your 'creations' with them!

  17. Wonderful and nice and lovely women like you NEED to receive packages like that. Sounds wonderful.

    So, what ya got growin' in your garden?

    happy day to you! lylah

  18. How very exciting to recieve a package with your favorite things from a good friend!!!, doesn't get any better then that... hope you and J, ( I'm sure you'll share)!!!! enjoy every wonderful thing you make using them..Here's to happy eating!!!xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  19. Lucky looks all so delicious AND beautiful, Im would be too sad to open them!

  20. Oh me too sometimes I keep things unopened:) Like pj's I don't wear:) But I will:)~
    Thanks it was fun and I am still talking about the products and the lovely Blog of Hélène's~
    Lylah..nothing is left in y garden blooming apart fro asters..sedum..a rose or two..and geranium Rosanne~

    C'est triste..thank goodness for the beautiful foliage!

  21. Gorgeous gifts. I can imagine what your going to do with them . how much more beautiful theyre going to look with your touch:)))