Monday, October 19, 2009


Birds of a feather~

Flock together~

And sometimes fly away together~

Milkweed by Philip Levine
Remember how unimportant
they seemed, growing loosely
in the open fields we crossed
on the way to school. We
would carve wooden swords
and slash at the luscious trunks
until the white milk started
and then flowed. Then we'd
go on to the long day
after day of the History of History
or the tables of numbers and order
as the clock slowly paid
out the moments. The windows
went dark first with rain
and then snow, and then the days,
then the years ran together and not
one mattered more than
another, and not one mattered.

Two days ago I walked
the empty woods, bent over,
crunching through oak leaves,
asking myself questions
without answers. From somewhere
a froth of seeds drifted by touched
with gold in the last light
of a lost day, going with
the wind as they always did.


  1. Such clear photos ... I feel like I am there with you, Monique. That is a beautiful passage you shared.

  2. Great post, really makes one feel the Fall and somehow it feels good!!
    Margaret B

  3. Merci de partager ce moment de douceur avec nous,
    Bonne journée

  4. What great photos -- milkweed are "weeds" but they also feed the butterflies in August . . . I let them stay!

  5. Je suis baba devant la deuxuième photo. Tu nous gâtes.

  6. Beautifully touching...

  7. There are beautiful flowers..and interesting ..weeds:)

    Like all of us I guess.

    Thank you..

    Last year Lulu held some while the wind whisked them away.I snapped away~

    I thought about him:)
    It's funny how you can take a photo .. and save it in your mind..I did that that day w/ him.. All those shots are like a film strip in my mind~

    .. Like a scent..that can stay too.
    They are magical and fairy-like to me~

  8. You know how much I love your blog, but I do so love Monday posts! They are always so calming. Beautiful, beautiful photos, Monique.

  9. beautiful, beautiful photos and such a lovely poem. Thank you again.

  10. It's been too long since I've seen a dried milkweed pod up close! Your photos made me wish I could blow the seeds into the breeze :)

  11. Very the pictures and the poem!

  12. So beautiful M...I know I can stop here and are a treasure.
    I just left sad is that! Jealousy is ugly, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  13. Monique, tu as l'art et la manière de faire de belles photos..Même si je ne viens pas toujours, à chaque visite, c'est une autre découverte et j'adore.Je voudrais m'abonner à ta news, mais je ne vois pas ou je peux le faire ?????Bonne semaine à toi !

  14. Beautiful post nana, just beautiful!