Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Soupes Du Jour~ Deux~2

I cannot eat a bone ~in ham without making one of my very favorite soups.

Pea Soup..Here we call it French pea Soup:)

I soak my lb of yellow beans overnight..
In the morning.. 6 this morning.. I sauteed some tinily chopped onions..a potato..a carrot some celery..all tinily chopped... then put the beans in the pot..the huge ham end and bone. ... ap.. 12 cups of water some chicken bouillon..a bay leaf.. and some summer savory..
I simmered for ap 2 hrs.. removed the bone..and cut small pieces of ham and added to the soup which had nicely thickened by this time..simmered ap 1 hr more and it was perfect with some salt and pepper and another touch of savory..
That's what we had for dinner..Just so comforting..

Another soup we had this week..Friday I think..was Farro soup..another soup I love..
Farro Soup..

I had made chicken stock the night before.. I soaked my farro overnight..

added some carrots,chicken... a touch of celery ..bay leaf.. parsley..salt and pepper..and some home made fresh pasta..(very little..)

This is where I bought my Farro..I truly wish I had bought more..

This store was at the top of Castelluccio..I have mentioned it many times!

You can see the Farro in the stand if you look closely..the owners were charming..The day was as foggy as can be climbing the mountainous region..

Could the Farro soup taste so wonderful to me because of the memories associated with my visit there?

I think maybe so.


  1. Monique, I love the photos of your trips abroad. The photo of fog on the mountain just 'takes me there'. Gorgeous.

    Both of the soups look wonderful. I was never big on pea soup, but this one looks so good. I'll be making that with my next ham. Count on it! :D

  2. You are right - I smiled :) It is funny how often we think alike. Both of your soups look wonderful and the photos of Italy are enchanting!

  3. Monique ~ It is always such a treat to come and visit your site.
    My time in the kitchen has been hit or miss this week.
    You make it look so easy! I've so much to learn from you.

  4. What soul soothing soups! Is Farro similar to barley? Somehow our ham bone was thrown away after easter dinner (!) I love split pea soup...yours sounds particularly enticing.

  5. Farro is very similar to barley..

    Just rounder..like the pearl one..and an earthier flavor I find..
    Thanks ladies!

  6. I love soup, especially when it's made for me. But this I think I can tackle. It looks delicious! As well as your photos. Mmmm.

  7. That looks delicious..I have never made it with yellow peas..I will try..
    Sorry I am late posting..I have been offline for almost a week...