Friday, April 24, 2009

At Last~Enfin~

Slowly but surely the earth is awakening~
The daffodils are resplendent!

The Scillas are bluetiful!

It's all coming together nicely this year..slowly..but surely...

Another little busy day..But outside small miracles are happening..and inside ..miracles brighten the days..

We ate a very light dinner.. we are going out for dinner tomorrow and we both wanted to KISS tonight..

In La Presse..a Montréal French newspaper we get.. last week... the food section featured..Escargots:) They are back IN with a vengeance here..
One of the recipes featured "Escargots Nests"..
Well I just had to:) They became "Le Must" of the week..

Delicious little marinated morsels baked in Kataifi nests..

Not only are they pretty. enough to eat:) But they are very good also..
IF you love escargots like we do..

La Recette~

You can always simmer your rinsed escargots in a bouillon..

But I have found lately that marinating them long enough in the marinade of choice is sufficient.
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Tbsp finely grated ginger
1 tbsps Soya Sauce
1 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

Melted Butter

Take some Kataifi and cut in pieces..

Add melted butter to form small nests and place in mini muffin cups.

Add your marinated escargots and bake for ap 12 mins at 350 F.

Until the nests become slightly golden.
Place on serving dish and drizzle some marinade.

They would have been perfect for Easter also.
Nests..I love them..I have finches in our birdhouses and they are bringing me great joy .They are so so cute!


  1. Monique, I'm so happy Spring is in the air for you. Oh, I think I would like your esargot nests. All your pics are lovely and cheerful.

  2. yum many beautiful photos in your blog !!!

  3. I haven't had escargot in ages! I remember loving them in garlic butter - not nearly as 'au courant' as yours!

    Whenever I think of escargot now I am reminded of the scene in Pretty Woman where the escargot shell goes flying across the restaurant :)

    I am so happy your garden has awakened. It makes your heart sing!

  4. When in Canada, my husband rates a restaurant on the onion soup. I rate it on the escargot. (I'd probably have them for breakfast if they were offered.) I've never seen them in the 'nests', but I'm sure I'd love them served this way. What a unique presentation! Nancy

  5. What beautiful little nests - I haven't had escargot in ages. I'm so glad spring has come your way.

  6. J'aime votre printemp les fleurs! Your photos are so gorgeous. I haven't had escargot in a very long time - yours looks delicious!

  7. Monique...simply gorgeous!
    As always!

  8. Glad that Spring is there for you, at your place. Love the daffodils.

    We had four finches years ago and they were such fun little birds to watch ~ always so lively and happy.

    Enjoy your weekend

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