Monday, April 6, 2009

Pasta Day ..Part 2.

Which did I prefer? The hand made ,hand rolled? Or food processor made,machine rollled?
I loved making both..

The small affordable machine worked charmingly for me..

Effortless.. easy clean sticking no fuss no muss..

I cannot wait to try more variations..more colors:)

Jacques bought an apron in time I will dress for the part:)

I loved Florence!

He rarely buys souvenirs..but like me..enjoys aprons I guess:)

The recipe that I used for the pasta is from Josée Di Stasio's Cookbook..Pasta et cetera...

Elena Faita co-owner of Dante is recognized as the author of it.(I love that store!)

La Recette~
3 cups of 00 flour(which I did not have I do..I used regular unbleached flour)
4 large eggs
2 tbsps evoo
2-3 tbsps water at need

Sift flour as a well..add eggs and oil in center and start whipping w/ fork incorporating the flour little by little.... Knead 10 mins.. wrap for 10-30 mins.. roll and cut..
Or place flour eggs and oil in a food processor until it comes together and knead 10 ins(That's what I did)..
I used the machine to make my shapes..
I can't wait to make it again..


  1. I'm putting the Kitchen Aid Mixer with the pasta attachment on my wish list after seeing your beautiful pasta! I bought a pasta maker as a "Thank You" gift for a friend of mine. He loved it - but I've never had one of my own. Lovely photos again - I so enjoy your blog. Sending sunshine and warmth your way!

  2. oh i love those nests... and the parsley pasta, how fun is that! i can't beleive its taken you so long to splurge for yourself.

    i have that same firenze pic... we see the same things, but you make things so much beter then me, which is why i adore you, i learn, smile and marvel~

  3. Oh boy, now I'm in the mood to make pasta! Love using my little handcrank machine.My favorite recipe for lasagna (and this can change)is on the Fine Cooking site. I believe it is Joyce Golstein's recipe. It requires hand chopping the meat instead of using pre-ground beef. It's a rougher texture and I believe gives a better flavor. Also uses a bechamel sauce. Very tasty! Love your blog and photographs!!

  4. You are so inspirational, Ms. M!! Your pasta looks parfait!! I am so in the mood to make pasta now... ;)

  5. I too love making pasta. I have an old hand crank machine I use to roll out and cut my pasta, but I love kneading it by hand. You have inspired me to make pasta tomorrow. Little squares of dough with different herbs filling the centers, floating in a bowl of consommé. Thanks for the trip to Italy.
    Pam of 2 stews

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog, I replied to your question on the same post because there is no reply email for you.
    We were in Florence a few years ago for our 25th anniversary and bought new wedding rings on the bridge there which is laden with gold shops :)
    I don't cook, but my husband does, he could have been a chef, he would love your blog, he loves to make pasta and bread when he has time. It's the Italian in him :)

  7. You are having fun! I have the hand machine..we thought it would be good for the wasn't..:( too much butter..
    Maybe someday I will use it for what it was meant for! :)
    I did play in the kitchen today..goodies for Easter, and avgolemono..

  8. Yes, pasta perfection. The parsley pasta is gorgeous.

  9. Your pasta looks wonderful! Wasn't it fun? I loved making mine and it was soooo good :)

  10. It was fun Susan..and we enjoyed it so much too..

    You inspired me also!

  11. Et puis j'aime ton rouleau, aussi ! ;o)

  12. Never made home made pasta before and have wanted to for a while. I am going to try your recipe!