Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do You Know Halloumi?

What Is Halloumi?

Halloumi is a traditional cheese from Cyprus, the island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Halloumi has a higher melting point than other cheese what makes it suitable for frying and grilling. You almost won't find any BBQ in Cyprus without the use of halloumi.

It is also very common in warm months, to eat halloumi together with watermelon. The juicy slices of the watermelon are quite refreshing while the slices of halloumi give the delicious taste.

Halloumi is also one of the dishes that are usually served within a Cyprus Meze and very often you also will see a few slices of halloumi accompanying a cold beer ordered in a taverna.

One of our son-in-laws introduced us to Halloumi..and then the other did too:)
I've jumped on the bandwagon.What I love about this cheese is that you can bake or grill it and it keeps it's shape..

It's lovely threaded on brochettes..and grilled..or grilled and served on a salad of your choice..
I used spinach..mixed greens,english cucumbers,red peppers,tomatoes, and toasted pine nuts..add your favorite vinaigrette and you're all set~


  1. Do I know who??? :)
    I have never heard of it, but is sure looks good.
    What kind of cheese would you say it is close to in taste??
    I have to write it down...I will never remember that name..who?

  2. Monique....we love Halloumi!
    I would also love a bite of your Halloumi right now...I love grilling it in summer! Yum!

  3. I have never tried it but it looks wonderful. Grilled cheese has to be delicious :) Being put on my 'must try' list for summer!

  4. I love coming to your blog - I always learn something new. Who knew blogging could be so educational :)

  5. I just asked Jacques what he thought it tastes like..It's not a terribly pronounced tatse..It looks a bit like Buffalo mozzarella.. but holds it's form..I put a touch of Olive could add herbs..It's not like goat pronounced taste.. Neutral and salty? Help!I can't pinpoint the taste.
    On the BBQ it would be more smoky.I used the panini grill last night as we were having pasta..I didn't want to fire up the grill just for the cheese.

    It's pretty too:)

    I'm glad some of you had not tried it.I LOVE learning new things..
    Happy I could share.

  6. Monique ~ I've never had this type of cheese. Nice the way it holds shape when grilled and looks beautiful on the salad. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Monique, I love what you do with your photos. The "grilled" cheese looks so good. That is the type of thing that Matthew would like and he could make it on his panini grill. Going to send him a link.

  8. i don't know if i can keep coming over here while trying to lose a few pounds.

  9. Monique, so interesting that you post this and we just had some on Sunday. (Well, an American version... ) We liked it!

  10. I like Halloumi cheese and I had some at a restaurant a while back, a tossed Summer salad with grilled halloumi cheese. Very delicious.

    We have been enjoying watching "Cheese Slices" with Will Studd and it is so interesting seeing all the different cheeses all around the world and how they go about making them.


  11. M, I had always heard of Halloumi, but, had never seen it locally. It wasn't until a recent trip to a little market near Detroit, that I stumbled onto it, and quickly nabbed it.
    I haven't done anything with it yet. But, after seeing your mouthwatering results, I will do the same. Not to mention, the weather is ideal for grilling.

    Messy bird coop, my friend.

  12. That fried halloumi looks really good and it goes great in salads.

  13. nice to SEE you:) uncanny!
    Carolyn..some olives would be nice too no?:)

    Kevin..tomorrow your Reuben Dip celebrates my son-in-laws combined birthdays..Thanks again!

    Kasey..You don't need to lose an ounce you cute girl! will take this one step well as Matt will~ Ann~(Cause I know how you feel about salads Ann:) )

    Have a great weekend ~