Tuesday, April 7, 2009

La France et Linda~

As you know..I love everything French.. and Italian.. and English.. :)


But lately I have been missing everything I saw in France and didn't bring home!:)

Small things.. like salts and spices herbs and cookies...and my wicker victorian trolley! Cookies like...(Rose de Reims...)..Lulus..the ones I cannot get here.. Macarons..etc..and Miel De Lavande..
Linda..showed me some salts and I started Googling..I have made a few..and will keep you posted..luckily we have Sel de Guérande here..

I also Googled making my own Miel de Lavande..
It worked and Poulet Provençal au Miel De Lavande is on the menu for dinner soon..I cannot wait..
All these projects were easy and fun and simple..

It is amazing how scents and tastes stay with you forever..the happier the occasion..or more flavourful the meal....the lovelier the memory!

The salt measurements I saw were 80% salt..20 % herbs..ap..and they varied site to site..

It's about what I did for the Rosemary and Thyme salts and already.. I clip the lid open and the aroma is divine!

The honey..I used 8 ounces and 3 tbsps of dried chemical and pesticide free lavender buds..and simmered over a bain-marie for 30 mins..then passed though a fine meshed sieve..bottled in these jars that I sterilized..and tasted today w/ J..Not overpowering..just the RIGHT scent I wanted.I was so happy to be able to recreate what I had witnessed in Provence!

I can't wait for my Lavender to come back to life~

The jars are from the $ store and the labels are actually gift wrap

Which you can download here:)

Have fun! I printed on standard size paper for the labels..Just cut the wrapping paper to size~
Thank You Martha:)

I would have preferred to add the text via my computer but didn't figure that part out..;0


  1. How cool is that Monique....
    I love your jars...hey maybe we could start a business...hmmmmm....not a bad idea!

  2. You have found yourself a new hobby!
    Your jars are so pretty..
    I have never used lav in cooking...
    Only thing blooming here is forsythia..But I see tiny clematis buds..there is hope!

  3. Comes in sniffing the room...


    I like those smells.
    Almost as much as I like you~

  4. Impressive - I love herbed salts and I'm absolutely loving your jars and labelling! Beautiful!

  5. oh good the recipes! you know i love these, i still need to know about your labels please...

  6. Have fun! The labels downloads from Martha Stewart..It's actually wrapping paper.But I printed on 8.5x11 so it's smaller and it works well for the small jars and small gifts..
    The jars are all from the $ store.

  7. You have such a talent for producing lovely and charming things! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Your labels are beautiful! Tags and labels are you :)

  9. Bonjour Monique,
    Thank you for sharing the links. I love to make my own herbes de Provence and Fleur de Sel added together to fill the shakers purchased in France. Your labels are darling and I like them better with a little handwritten script instead of computer generated text - a very nice touch! Off to check out recipes ;)

  10. Monique, you are so talented. You add beauty to everything that you do.

  11. Hi sweetie,
    I would love your recipe for macarons, but don't want you searching for it just for moi. I know what it's like having a drawer full of recipes (and on the side of the refrigerator.. ssh! don't tell ;)
    I'm going to Google the recipe and see what I can find. Off to find your macaron post. xo~Tracie

  12. Tes étiquettes sont de toutes beauté .. et tes pots,très, très classes ...; L'idée du miel est excellente et à essayer. Il doit être bien plus goûteux que le miel de lavande d'ici ... qui ne sent pas vraiment la lavande. Je vais faire l'essai; Tu me tentes +++

  13. I hope you have all printed this cute little paper..
    Thank you.

    Hélène oui.. essaie le miel..tu dois avoir de la lavande:)Tu rayonnes dans la cuisine et dans la nature avec ta caméra!
    Tracie I am going to see now:)