Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mini Meals~

I love small things.. like miniature versions of larger meals.. or miniature versions of desserts.
We had leftover potato salad.. home made dills.. and I made small burgers..ap 2.5 inches across..not the bite sized burgers.

I found the 5 Minute Artisan Bread made great little last minute mini buns..
That book is such a great book! Have I mentioned that?:)

It was a lighter meal..and worked for me after a big Easter..

Lulu size!


  1. They are cuties...was lulu there to enjoy them?

  2. YUMMY!!!

    Love your photos...as always!!!


  3. Mini meals, a great idea after over indulging on Sunday. They are the perfect size for me.

    Six days till lift off...Yay

  4. I have overindulged with all of the festivities lately so mini meals sound perfect to me too! I love your little sliders. Did you use the master boule recipe for the slider buns?

    Last night my mini meal was a salad with chopped hard-boiled Easter egg on top ;)

  5. Monique, even your burgers are cute. Sliders is not a term I was familiar until you used it.

  6. You make the cutest little sliders, Monique! "Lulu size." :D I love that!!

  7. let me never go to burger king or mcdonald's again!

    this might even be better than
    whitecastle sliders.

    : )


  8. There is a local restaurant that serves mini burgers with their *secret sauce* for happy hour! It really makes me happy to eat them...with fries on the side.
    The mini food is what I had in mind when I asked Jain if we could have a tea party. I think, I've convinced my self it's less caloric damage when my plate is filled with Petite foods.

    Sweet Wishes,

  9. Hi! Yes Susan..that master Boule:)

    Little is good..

    We have to think of more more mini versions..Lulu wasn't here..Today he will be!

  10. Beautiful sliders Monique...we love them here too...there is something about a tiny burger!

  11. What did you bake the mini rolls in? and how long did you cook them for? I usually bake my bread in the Dutch oven but I have not made little rolls yet...they sure look good...

  12. They look so cute..I like the slider maker...fun for a crowd to with all diff toppings..:)