Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little French Delights~

Sablés Nantais~

I love all the French butter cookies..I love all the English butter cookies..:)

But these caught my eye at a very rich in content fabulous food blog here....a Gourmand site

All her recipes seem delicious and this little cookie is no exception I am certain..
I love the fact that it looks so French..tastes so French ..and the Egg wash incorporates Caramel.I had never done that.
The recipe is simple with some regular flour and self rising..half and half..

It has butter..sugar and eggs..
And they are perfect for my Provençal Nantes Trivet.

A little bit of sunshine~

And the link..


  1. the cookies look delicious, the scenery is wonderful. to answer your question... I love to travel. Next week we go to Provence, the third home beside l'alsace... I send you nice greetings.

  2. They are perfection, mon ami!

    Love the beautiful glaze, and I am certain I can almost smell the heavenly buttery aroma. Beau!!


  3. Monique,
    These look so, so good. I had to giggle to myself about the so french comment. I agree whole-heartedly, everything tastes, looks and feels better when it's french! My husband's off for all next week so I'm hoping he may make these for me while he's on vacation. I will have to double my walking time though with all the dishes I have planned to try!
    I'm so glad you were able to see Paul Potts. Someone forwarded one of his videos to me and he is fantastic! Happy night, off to catch up on what I missed this week in your world. xo~Tracie

  4. I love butter cookies as well -- no matter what their nationality! These look good and I'll have to try them.

  5. I wished I could have found them on the link. I will delve further! How pretty they are!

  6. Iadded the link and the author was kind enough to email me..

    If anyone needs help translating it plse let me know.

  7. Monique, you make everything "beautiful" even butter cookies.

  8. How I love that trivet and such beautiful butter cookies! Always lovely..............................

  9. They sound wonderful..the they look so pretty!

  10. Ils ressemblent à nos galettes Saint-Michel, en bien plus beaux, en plus !

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