Thursday, April 9, 2009

Prosciutto Maison~Part 2~

Some of you may remember when we first sampled our friend Normand's home made prosciutto..

He had made it with his friend Salvatore..We dined at their home last summer and loved the prosciutto they made and raved about it..

Normand told us how he made it and Jacques and I read up on it..
It seemed needed the right etc..

Lo and behold..Normand called one day this winter and invited Jacques to join himself and Salvatore in the prosciutto making adventure..
I already posted the preliminaries..
Here's part of the final cut:)

It is simply divine..
Jacques enjoyed the experience..

I am loving the results.

You can't imagine..

After it was undressed..and they cut and sliced it..

We enjoyed a ..well more than one..delicious coffee at their home..w/ biscottis..and grapes and cheese and crackers and OUR prosciutto..

We will be serving some for Easter here..and of course most of it has been packaged for future use.
I see a summer full of this mouth watering pleasure and we thank Jojo and Normie for the experience..

We still have another batch to save:)

I loved coming home with our bounty!!

Beautiful! Grazie~And Have a Very Happy Easter Bella Jojo And Normie:)


  1. only you can make food an art form~

  2. What a great experience...bon appetit! And, Happy Easter!

  3. Yes, I remember the first part..Oh it looks wonderful! Think of all the amazing things you can make with it! Just slice me a thin piece with a bit of provolone..mmmm!
    Happy Easter..what a perfect addition to the meal..

  4. Oh Monique,
    The prosciutto looks wonderful. How nice you were able to enjoy with your friends. That espresso machine looks like a beauty, much more impressive than my petit metal espresso maker (but it came back from Italy, so I do love it). That steaming milk looks delicious too. You have the most beautiful photos. Hope you don't mind, I gushed a little about you on Fifi's blog just a second ago. Happy Easter to you and your family. Looking forward to making your forwarded macaron recipe (I found almonds already ground at the gourmet!).

  5. What a treat for you Monique! Nearly worth it's weight in gold if you were to buy it in the stores here.

  6. Forgot to say Happy Easter to you and your family!

  7. wonderful post, I did not expect anything else... happy easter to all you guys.

  8. Happy Easter to all of you also.
    Thank you.

  9. I love pictures of meat.
    I love meat.
    You did the prosciutto proud!

    what a unique experience.
    I like it!

  10. That sounds so good! I really want to try making some at home now!

  11. je suis toujours impressionée par vous qui faites la salaison sois même. bravo!

  12. It looks wonderful! I do remember when it was made and hung. What a wonderful treat - it must taste as fantastic as it looks. Lucky you!

  13. Hi Monique,

    I am writing an article about the fabulous food photography found on blogs and would like to interview you by email if you have time in the next few days. Please let me know. This is for a national magazine. Thank you!

    Anne Boulley

  14. Thanks I said Jacques really enjoyed making it..AnnT says I need a pro slicer now:) All I have ever made her buy is chocolate:)
    Happy Easter to everyone:)

    Anne..plse feel free to email me at the link to the right of my blog in the sidebar~

  15. I'm salivating !!!! I'm a huge fan of Proscuitto and your photos are fabulous - really made the proscuitto yummylicious!

  16. Making your own prosciutto sounds like fun! It looks like it turned out great!