Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter Peeps~

Oops I meant Easter Preps~

I have been making these for at least 25 yrs..

Here in Canada..we have Laura Secord.. a famous chocolate shop..Every year their cream filled eggs in the trademark yellow box is a best seller.I loved getting those as a child..
Many years ago..I was given a recipe that tasted so good I started making them..

You make the mixture..mostly white..but I tint some w/ a bit of yellow for the yolk:) and shape them like eggs..then dip in chocolate..

They're a tradition here and now at my daughter's..

I will tie them up in cello w/ bows for the hunt on Easter Sunday..with any luck..we will have very little snow and the children will be able to go in the secret garden woods..Unlike last year..where they had to MAze their way through snowbank paths and pick the treats off the snowbanks..

The Recipe..Because you can make them ahead and keep refrigerated.

1.5 lbs of icing sugar
1/4 lb butter melted
1/2 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
2 Tbsps corn syrup
1 Tbsp vanilla
1/2 lb of unsweetened or semi sweet chocolate melted

The original recipe called for adding parrafin:( I don't ..mix everything w/ your KA.. Shape easter egg shape and place in fridge till hard..dip in melted choc:) I add some yellow coloring to some of the mix to simulate a yolk:) on wax paper after you have let the choc drip off:)
Store in tins.. between sheets of waxed paper when cold..

Happy Easter Preps~


  1. These little eggs are so sweet. I can't wait to make these with my daughter. Your pictures are always so enchanting. I adore your blog. Pam

  2. My mother has a thing for bunnies at reminded me of her.

    that makes me smile.

  3. Beautiful and sweet post ... I hope the weather cooperates so the little ones can have their hunt.

  4. These look really good and I will definitely try them sometime. Your the best nana...homemade treats for the egg hunt.

    Will you make a hen pie? I still have your photo collage with one saved ;) I looked and looked but we do not have hens in the US.

  5. all these easters and you have never shared this??? oy, and i thought we were nbf's... and its chocolate, my total weakness! i wanna make these, but no one here to hunt them out, oh well, just fat ole me will gobble them all up~

  6. Monique, thank you for posting the recipe for the Easter Eggs. If I have time I'm going to make those next week and surprise Matthew and his girlfriend with them. Might even surprise Moe too. Of course mine wouldn't look like yours but hopefully they will taste the same.

  7. I love this post and your bunnies. I just got all my Easter Wabbits out from storage this past weekend ;)

    I've always loved Fannie Mae's chocolate eggs and I would love to try making these too. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe! Cluck-cluck!

  8. I never saw those! I make the cake shaped eggs and dip in chocolate...but I would like to try these..
    Should I wait till next week?
    I love how you got the middle yellow!

    Love your bunnies! Did you see the one CTS had in a cage..on one of my cute!

    I think I am going to attempt Babka..M usually makes it, but I may try...He likes it with cheese inside..

    Hope you have good weather for your hunt! Such fun to watch the kiddies..

  9. Hello Monique....

    Just dropped by to say you have a beautiful blog, lovely sweet treats and photos. Nice to see you. Greetings from Spain!


  10. Kathleen go ahead and make them now:) They keep so well cool..
    Sharon from Spain..Buenas Dias! Bonjour!!I am over the moon excited..You NEED YOUR OWN blog too!

    I would love that!

    Ann your egges willl be evne more beautiful..And I bet M &M would like then:) I humbly say that!Slice them that's the secret a little goes a long way.
    I know sugar is bad for's Easter!
    I posted earlier and it's lost in space,I am still new to this!

  11. Thank you for this recipe, Monique and the little giggles of 1 oeufs, 2 oeufs (love that photo!). The pasta was delish tonight, it will be a regular as it's so easy too. Happy night!

  12. Monique you are the perfect Nana! Those eggs are adorable and I love how the "yolk" is tinted pale yellow too! Your family is very lucky! Thanks for a great blog!

  13. I had hoped to make these beautiful little chocolate eggs for Easter but just didn't get to it. I know I would have eaten way too many of them if I had.

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  15. ive been making the Easter Egg Fondant for YEARS with my Mom..... I am 47.
    1 & 1/2 bags of REDPATH icing sugar
    1/2 lb butter (or more if you want a really buttery flavour....and yes...SALTED)
    1 can Eagle Brand Condensed Milk
    2 globs of corn syrup (just quickly squeeze a fairly full bottle quickly 2 times LOL)
    1/8 tsp of salt
    2 & 1/2 TBSP vanilla extract
    Mix with your hands until it is more like a dough and doesnt stick to your hands.
    I find that if I leave it wrapped really well in cellophane in the fridge for 2 days, it ages and tastes soooooooooo amazing....
    make 1/4 yellow for the yolk, that you wrap in a handfull of the white fondant.
    Dip in chocolate and use icing to put a flower with 2 leaves and the persons name you are giving it to.
    BEWARE.....only eat a very small slice at a time as this is super super rich.