Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Taste of Morocco~

Roasted bell peppers with goat cheese,preserved lemons, onion and parsley~

We ate at a friend's home Saturday night and the feast was inspired by food found in this cookbook..

I loved this salad..the fact that you drizzle the oil you baked the peppers in on the salad afterwards is the perfect finishing touch.
Nancy used the preserved lemons I gave her..which pleased me..It was a nice thing to do...

We had Lamb and Date stew.. everything was just delicious.
It's fun to learn new types of cooking..

Here is the simple delicious recipe for you if you care to try it. Feta would be perfect also.

3 fleshy orange yellow or red bell peppers
or combine the 3 colors

3 tbsps argan or olive oil
6.5 ounces of crumbly goat cheese or feta

1 red onion finely chopped
1 small bunch of flat leaf parsley

1 rind of preserved lemon finely chopped or sliced

Preheat oven to 350
Put the peppers in a baking pan pour the oil over and bake ap 30 mins
Until the flesh is soft and wrinkly and slightly buckled
Remove from oven and when cold enough remove the skins
Cut each pepper in half lengthwise and remove the seeds.
Put the peppers on a serving dish
Crumble the goat cheese over the peppers
Mix the chopped onion with the parsley and scatter over the peppers
Drizzle the roasting oil and sprinkle with preserved lemon
Serve while peppers are still warm or at room temperature.
With dessert,their traditional mint tea would be delicious.


  1. Quant à la cuisine marocaine, j'adore ! Un tajine d'agneau aux dattes, ça doit être tout simplement divin ! Ta salade aussi, j'en aurais bien fait mon dîner. Ce soir, ici, en plein milieu de travaux de peinture du salon, Clément nous a préparé une quiche lorraine et un coleslaw un peu "francisé" !
    Passe une bonne journée et à bientôt. Moi, cette fois, je vais me coucher ! ;o)

  2. Chanceuse Hélène avec tes beaux garçons plein de talent!

    Mon lui envoie tes billets:)Il apprécie lui aussi tout ce que tu fais..Nous avons chacun nos ordis:)


    Bonne peinture!

  3. Monique, it looks beautiful, and I'm sure it tastes delightful too.

    How sweet that Nancy used your preserved lemons! The lamb and date stew sounds very interesting as well. Thank you for showing us the book, I'll have to look for it.

    Photos are BEAU, as always! xo~m.

  4. M, that's a very pretty salad and I love that she added your preserved lemons. That is one project I have meant to do... preserve lemons. You have the nicest friends!

  5. That looks lovely, and it sounds like a great evening. It was very nice of her to use the lemons, it make one feel special when they are part of the creation..

  6. What a special post! I was so surprised when it showed up as posted 2 days ago on my updates. I'm so sorry I missed it yesterday! Tu a des admiratuers internationales ;) Bravo!

  7. I've never made preserved lemons but I do have a jar of them in the pantry. Bought with the intention of making something "Moroccan".

    Thanks for sharing the recipe Monique. As always your photo is incredible.

  8. Good morning and thank you!

    Please have a peek at Hélène's blog..I follow her and found her first:) because I didn't want to miss a thing.. where she works they had an American celebration..What she does is incredible.. beautiful photos of France and great recipes.

  9. We really enjoy Mediterranean food and I'm always looking for new recipes. Thanks for sharing this one.
    Love the photos of Piano Baby! What an adorable child. You are blessed.

  10. I was wondering what else I could use preserved lemons for. This salad sounds good.

  11.'s so funny I printed out your Reuben Dip yesterday and bought the ings I was missing to make for Sat night ..My daughter is having a get together for her husbands birthday and that is one of the starters I am bringing..;)
    Ry I bet your take on that salad will be award winning photoed:) Show me:)

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