Sunday, April 26, 2009

The March Of The Penguins~

Last night we celebrated both our Son-In-Laws birthdays at one of our daughters homes..She made an exceptional lasagna(2) ,Caesar salad, smoked salmon entrée ..and garlic bread..our other daughter made a strawberry cheesecake..Everything was divine:)

I offered hors d'oeuvres..
Ever since I saw these at Mary's..

I knew I had to make them..especially since all the children were there yesterday..Even Lulu said Oh those are really cute nana! (the 3 year year old)..
They are!
Max licked a tummy and gave it back..I think Adamo ate all of his and Giuliana did too..I think even Lulu ..the adults didn't just lick.

They are so much fun to make..

And fun to photo..:)
You simply buy reg black pitted olives and colossal ones for the body.. split the chest cavity and insert cream cheese..cut a little piece off a slice of carrot that will become the feet and the the nose..:) I festooned their heads with Mardi Gras feathers..but plain toothpicks hold them beautifully together.

The next appetizer I brought is delicious..Romanesco dip..I had made similar red pepper dips but never with bread incorporated..
Keeper Recipe from Dinner With Julie~

I used my own roasted red peppers.. 2..that I have in the freezer..we make them every fall..they are lightly kept with some olive oil and fresh basil and garlic..
You add pine nuts that you have toasted with garlic on the stove.. whirl it all up with bread salt to taste.. olive oil to make a mayo consistency.. and paprika..I used smoked paprika,
It is delicious!

And last but not least..We had Kevin's Reuben Dip..Unfortunately I only have a pre-baked photo as I baked it at my daughters..

Half on the BBQ(no power!) then finished in the oven..Yay! Power came back on!
It was bubbling hot and disappeared quickly..I recommend all 3 of the above..

3 thumbs up..
And I think it's so great we can share so many recipes through the web..and more often than not be very pleased with the results.
Thanks to all.


  1. I love your little penguins! I'll have to remember to create my own little parade of penguins for my next family dinner! The other appetizer dishes look absolutely delicious, too. I'm sure it was a lovely family dinner!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful party, Monique! What a scrumptious variety of appetizers. The penguins are simply the cutest appetizer ever :) One day I must make them for my oldest daughter who has had a love of penguins since kindergarten.

    No Power! Did you have storms yesterday also? We did.

  3. Monique...everything you make and photograph always looks so delicious!
    I love the penguins...loved them the first time I saw them...

  4. These are so stinkin' cute they make my teeth hurt.

  5. The penguins are too cute for words!

  6. How did you get the penguins so neat? I made a mess of mine (though they were cute in their own way). I like the frilly toothpicks, too.

  7. Very cute..I bet the gkids thought so too!

  8. Thanks ! I used the knife to smooth the cheese..
    Messy is cute too..:)

    It was a fun little project..:)

  9. Love your penquins! I've made them for several luncheons and they're always a big hit with young and old!

  10. Those are so cute! And they look like they would be fun to make!

  11. I just love the penguins.