Saturday, April 11, 2009

Revisiting Easter Past~

I love having photos.. all kinds..

I just finished looking at our wee grandchildren from Easter last year:) What a difference a yr makes!! One additional grandchild and another on the way!
And no snow this year! Yay!

I am making carrot cake this year because the small ones are older and WILL be eating their Easter chocolates so I am making less little sweets..but I had fun last year and wanted to share 3 little ideas for any of you wanting a new idea.

The top cookies are simply sugar cookies.. w/ a glacé icing.. which I had a ball handpainting..This technique..was all thanks to Mary.

The next is an idea Jain found online and shared with me..They were a hit..:)

Online the recipe is everywhere..Bird Nests Cookies:)

And the last is perhaps one of my favorite ideas from Ricardo..
Hen Pie..

The base for mine was his recipe.. a chocolate mousse pie.. that you top with a chocolate hen and eggs..I served it in a pyrex pie plate nestled in a straw handled basket..that must be at least 20 yrs old:)Add chocolate hens..eggs and you are works well with a cheesecake too:)

Anyway if you can find a hen..these are really cute on the Easter table..

Now to get ready for tomorrow..My fun is the anticipation of seeing the kids oustide at the hunt.
I actually get tears in my eyes.They are so cute to me.


  1. Monique, I love your Easter revisit :-) I finally found a chocolate hen online to make your Riccardo pie, but the shipping was $8.99 for a 5 ounce hen. I still smile when I look at the recipe you mailed me, and to me, it is truly one of your signature desserts! Have a blessed Easter with the little ones.

  2. If I were lazy I'd copy and paste what I wrote over on one of the girls posts......ha I am lazy and you'll make the rounds, I'm sitting here going wait a minute was it blue moons or once upon a plate. ....

    anyway...your bunnies are perfection, instead of trying to make them can I buy some from you and have them shipped to my mother.



  3. memories, such sweet sweet memories~ yes i am singing! happy easter nbf~

  4. Wow - those are beautiful. I'm sure your little ones loved everything and, of course, will love everything this year!! You are a special NaNa!!

  5. I remember your photos as though it were yesterday. Have a wonderful time with your family! I also remember the photo of them finding their eggs in the snow banks :) I always look for chocolate hens in the stores but never find them - Bunnies galore! Your bunnies are galorious.

  6. Lovely Easter treats. Love the chocolate hen dessert -- but finding a chocolate hen . . . especially on the prairie!

  7. I had to come over to your site after leaving a note on the DB site. I know I say this all the time ~ but I so love your site and your photos. You bring a smile to my lips and I aspire to someday have a little of your creativity in the kitchen.

  8. Yes, a year makes a big difference!
    Your treats look wonderful..
    A blessed Easter to you and your growing family!

  9. Monique, I LOVE your Easter re-visit. Your painted rabbits, chocolate hen, and bird nest cookies are my idea of a truly dreamy and gorgeous Easter.

    Happy Easter to you and your entire family. Yes, a year definitely does make a difference in their young lives.

  10. Thank you..I'll be hiding the eggs in the secret garden in the am..I'll be back at some point for Easter day here to wish you all a lovely day....Bonsoir~

  11. Monique, I remember well too. You do everythng pretty and so nice to see again and again. I never tire of it. Enjoy your Easter and the children.

  12. I am deeply impressed with your hand painting! What a lovely post - I enjoyed it tremendously. Just beautiful.

  13. I will always remember that hen pie...I have been on the lookout for a mold so I can make it a tradition someday when I become a nana.

    The easter revisit was fun...I remember it all ;)

  14. Vraiment, ton blog nous montre de bien jolies choses et tes liens m'emmène vers d'autres superbes blogs, tous très dépaysants ! J'adore passer par ici, tu sais ? Tes fêtes de Pâques ont été une vraie réussite ! Ton menu est superbe et la chasse aux oeufs des petits bouts de chou devait être magique ! Mes grands s'y sont collés aussi mais c'était plus ... musclé, dirons-nous ? ;o)

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