Sunday, July 19, 2009

Arugula ,Cheese and Red Pepper Tarts~

While out visiting some beautiful heart skipped a beat here..

I found them so pretty I had to try..

I had arugula.. cream cheese,ricotta and roasted red peppers~

They were very fun to make~

Just the thing w/ a side salad~Perfect little first course meal..
In her recipe..I wonder if an egg yolk was omitted..I added a splash of vinegar..and my dough held together egg yolk..But in her previous dough/tart recipes she adds a yolk..You blind bake then finish baking the crusts(that's what I did) in small bottomless metal rings.
The Red pepper mousse type filling was equal parts Ricotta..and cream cheese(125grams).. and 2 roasted red peppers,some salt and piment d'espelette that you blend together then pipe into cooled crusts~

A lovely little tart.Feel free to kick up the seasonings a touch..the deeper the flavor of your peppers the better the tart~

Her Blog is go visit.I have now added her to my list of visited blogs~

I think I could just go to her blog.. grab a table, be seated, and enjoy.

A footnote..The recipe.. as I found it..but translated..

For 6 tarts..
For the dough~:
125 g flour
75 g butter
One handful of arugula or basil finely chopped
For the garnish
125 g Cream cheese
125 g ricotta
2 roasted red peppers
2 pinches of piment d'Espelette

Make your dough(The usual way.. and form a ball and chill ) then roll and fill your molds.. and blind bake.. cool..

Once the peppers are roasted.. purée and add to the well mixed cheeses and salt and P E..

IN the cool baked shells.. Pipe in the cheese/ pepper mixture~
That's it!


  1. Morning my friend...Lovely first course...I'm positive it must tast spectacular but just look at it!...It's beautiful...Talk about textures!!! That is a study in textures all by itself!!!What does it mean to blind bake? an expression I'm not familiar with. In answer to your question about the ottoman cover... Yes I made it a few weeks ago... Not hard at all, only time consuming. I cut out the fabric to size for the top and just kept adding layers of gathered ruffles and lace until I had a Happy Face!!! There! nothing to it. Give it a try...xoxo~Kathy~ @ Up-North...

  2. Blind bake!~ You place your dough in the mold .. then foil wrap,,and dried peas or weights.I use marbles:) Then the crust holds it'd form.. and doesn't puff all up and out of shape..
    Then you remove the foil and weights and bake a few minutes longer..Lovely little crusts then:)

    Sew no pattern?:) I will scour a fabric store one day.I have a cute little pouf.. love the shape..You made yours look like an original Rachel Ashwell:)I LOVE it!!It's one of the prettiest I have seen if not THE prettiest~ Thank you!

  3. I visited your inspiration for this post just now....Your photography is eons advanced...exceptional. xoxo~Kathy~ Up-North.

  4. Oh my about a heart skipping a beat...
    That just looks like perfection...
    gorgeous pics....simply beautiful!

  5. What beautiful photography; you've incited an urge in me to make these too. Thank you for the inspiration. =)

  6. Beautiful, beautiful. Your photos are always wonderful, Monique. And the little tarts are perfection.

  7. i have been spying this for a week, just as pretty everytime i look~

    hope you had a great fun last night~

  8. Wow. Beautiful pictures and a lovely post! I really want to make these but I don't read French. Is there a translation somewhere that I am missing? Thank you so much.
    Dana Zia

  9. What a delightful looking first course!!! I may give this a go up at the big house the next time I have a dinner party to cook for! Your pictures are exceptional!

  10. Oh my gosh, what an amazing idea! I'm always stuck for something impressive as a first course, but this is the prettiest little tart I've ever seen. So cute!

  11. I am so glad you enjoyed it.I will translate the recipe from the original site and post with my tips.. I just can't this am:) It really is a very pretty little first course.. or accompanying a salad.I really enjoy roasted red peppers.

  12. Thanks for the link. Maybe I should start reading French blogs just for practice.
    Ads always, your photos are gorgeous!

  13. I would love to make this for my chef SIL one day! He loves arugula! I will look forward to the translated version :)

    Beautifully portrayed - the lighted is parfait!

  14. Catching up on your blog is like going on a mini vacation. It is all there. The sights, the sounds, the aromas of wonderful food and the cobblestones beneath my feet.