Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Twist on an old standby~

I was at the office Sunday until 5~ So we decided J would make his famous Friday night pizza..on Sunday instead of our usual Friday as we had skipped it this Friday~

Late afternoon turned out glorious ..cool and windy..but at least sunshine~

While Jacques prepared the pizza..I walked the gardens and took a few photos..lavender Monarda!Even the bees love it more than the usual colors~

When I came in we started w/ an Italian wine.. we had some leftover from Saturday night dinner with friends..I never read the label Sat night as Jacques was serving it as I was too busy getting the figs and appies ready..but.. it is dear to my heart~

When I visited last September~ I fell in love..But I was even in .love before I went because of Jain and Marlena Di Blasi~

Oh how I love that place!!

Every turn of the eye..beauty~

Our pizza was even more delish this evening.. Jacques has been finishing the pizzas on the grill for an extra tasty crispy bottomed crust~

Transported back to Italy and the wood burning ovens..on a beautiful summer night~

Almost as good as being there and savoring each bite~Almost.

As they say there..

Arrivederci e buon viaggio!♥


  1. Lovely! I was at university for one semester in Florence and went to many places in Italy but not Orvieto. Thanks for taking me there.

  2. A wonderful evening... Vino, pizza and a walk in the garden. Lovely.
    Crispy crust is my favorite...MMmm.
    My neighbor surprised us with a bottle of San Sebastian Vintners White rescently...I enjoyed it so but cannot get it in Michigan. We have found it on line but they will not deliver it in Mich. Some silly importing law passed last January or something to that nature. We are looking into having a case delivered to some friends in Chicago and pick it up there when we visit... How crazy is that!!! Why must things be so difficult...Have a lovely day, xoxo~Kathy @ Up-North Mornings...

  3. Ciao bella, lovely, stunning photos ... the cypress trees, the gorgeous plates, the sights!! Brava! And oh, that pizza is ... perfetto!

  4. Can you please send dad over to our house tonight ? :) That pizza looks delicious!

  5. Wonderful photos and your pizza looks out of this world.

  6. Wonderful trip to Italy and the wine is one I will search for...

  7. oh i love traveling with you... you know i love all the same stuff, books, sights, dishes, its always a dream vacation here~

  8. beautiful photos as always. I really enjoyed this post like all your others. Thank you for sharing .

  9. Italie est pour moi un mot magique...
    Tuscany is the most perfect place in thz world.
    Merci pour la pizza et la ballade.

  10. I love the idea of finishing the pizza on the grill. I'll have to try that. Another lovely post, Monique.

  11. I just got home from a long flight from Europe and your wonderful pics make me want to head east again!!


  12. Italie ET France sont 2 mots magiques pour moi depuis Septembre 2008~
    Nous avons été si bien reçus aux deux endroits.
    J'ai de l'aventure dans l'âme maintenant .
    Thanks everyone..
    I am also inspired by all of you..every day~ My Virtual Rolodex alerts me to your new posts.
    I love it all~It is a pleasure.every day to learn from everyone.

  13. PS Ninette..I left my heart in Florence I think:)

  14. I still think you are one of the luckiest ladies to have a husband who is so proficient at making delicious pizza!

    Our SIL and daughter have introduced us to many a fine Italian wine. Wonderful memories for them and for you :)

  15. Lovely post M....you always make me smile...
    All of my guys are in Europe right now...I was feeling blue until I saw your post...
    Beautiful Pizza! Beautiful pics...

  16. how great you are talking about pizza!

    i am throwing a surprise 75th birthday party for my mom this weekend. just me, my mom, and my three sisters in my country home for the weekend. my mom has no idea - and the 5 of us have not been together at once forever, let alone by ourselves for a weekend!

    and i am planning a pizza party where i do the dough and then we take turns topping and sharing!

    pizza is a great way to celebrate and cook together!

  17. Linda..wish you were in Europe w/ les boys..

    Tigress:) How lucky you are! A mom AND 3 sisters AND a country home..Enjoy!!
    Susan..John could make a pizza in a heartbeat:) He could!

  18. Wonderful photos...I had not thought of finishing the pizza on the grill. Great idea.

  19. So lovely - what an wonderful evening. Great wine - food and a peek into an enchanting land.