Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Open House Cookies~

I thought it would be fun to stamp the address on the cookie:) I like to bring cookies or a loaf..when I do an open house..

It just makes it more..

I have shown this cookie cutter so many times you must be tired of it~ I just never do♥

It's an affair of the heart..When you like something soo just can't get enough of it:)


  1. Monique I have resisted buying that cutter for so long...but I can not stand it anymore...I am buying it for myself as an early Birthday present...
    Those cookies are so cute...
    But that baby and the bowl...OMG...
    what a picture that is! I can not stop the smile on my almost hurts!

  2. You NEED that cookie cutter Linda:) And one day you may have a similar bowl baby again;)
    The series of these is so cute that my DD took..I smile till it hurts too:)
    I love little one can make me really smile like them~They're so cute and funny!I cannot wait to see your cookies..The Ina Garten recipe is excellent I think I have posted it.I even keep the recipe in my Brigitte box:) Show us what your expert hands create:)
    Again that Ebay seller from Germany is so nice and pro.

  3. Ohh how cute is that picture with the baby! My heart melted I swear.

    Now this is a cookie cutter that does this?? I don't own it! I think I have a problem now lol.

  4. I love these cookies. I've put off buying the cutter for too long. Its time to take action. It will be perfect for so many occasions. I'm with Linda, I have to have it.

    Adorable, precious photos.

  5. Brilliant cookies! I wish I had that for my housewarming! Great photos!

  6. I think you will be that cookie cutter's best advertisement. Such a great idea putting the address on the cookies. I hope you sold the house :)

    You are the also the best promoter of being a Nana! What an adorable photo ♥

  7. Monique, what a lovely thing to do when you show a house.

    The baby and the bowl picture is adorable.... priceless AND precious.

  8. What a very cool cookie cutter. I've never seen anything like it! I love that you stamp the house number on the cookies. So personal and clever. Very nice.

  9. ok, you slipped in the baby since i last looked, just the cutest shot yet!

    fingers crossed for them~

  10. I love that idea! What a beautiful photo of the baby.
    Made me smile.

  11. Your baby photo is so adorable. I love it

  12. Thank you! My DD took the photo of Noah..

    My girls love taking photos as much as I do!

  13. Hi!
    It´s me tesa999. Thanks to all who have purchased my Brigitte cookie cutter - hope you have all so much fun with this funny thing.
    Regards from sunny northern germany

  14. Hi! Happy others will enjoy! Amazing how you found this post!